Sometimes you can’t win

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Odd news from around the world

One in ten children believe parsnips grow on trees, pears only grow in pairs and ham doesn’t come from pigs: “A staggering ten per cent of school children believe parsnips grow on trees and pears only grow in pairs, a new study has revealed. One in ten have no idea peas are grown in pods and believe ham does not come from pigs. Seven per cent of eight-year-olds even believe sausage rolls are made by rolling sausages down hills covered in flour. A fifth of kids aged seven to eleven are not aware butter comes from an animal, with seven per cent of eight-year-olds believing it is made in supermarkets. Six per cent of eight-year-olds think that chocolate grows on trees in perfect squares. Almost a quarter of kids think those with an allergy to eggs can still eat them if they are scrambled or in an omelette, and a fifth believe people with a nut allergy can still eat peanut butter”

No more soggy doggies!: “When it’s pouring with rain, you wouldn’t dream of leaving the house without an umbrella. So why should your beloved canine? Enter the dog umbrella. Fashioned from an umbrella turned upside down, the dog umbrella allows your pooch to walk along next to you while you control the umbrella handle like a lead. With many of the brollies, owners can attach the top of the umbrella to their dog’s regular lead, meaning your pooch will never scurry on ahead and get wet again. Basically, everyone’s a winner. Dog umbrellas are especially popular on Instagram, where there are currently 358 posts underneath the hashtag”

Self-service checkouts are turning shoppers into a generation of THIEVES: “They are already a major source of frustration. But self-service checkouts may not just be sending stress levels soaring – they could also be turning honest shoppers into thieves. A Leicester University report has revealed that a shop’s losses are more than double when self-service technology is used. It’s difficult for retailers to identify whether customers intended to non-scan items or if they were simply absentminded. In some cases, 10 per cent of the items are not scanned due to customers forgetting to use the technology consistently. Interviews with supermarket managers and staff suggest that normally honest people give into temptation when left to scan their own shopping. And some shoppers may simply be so frustrated with the technology that they feel justified in stealing. However, retailers are wising up by tagging products and introducing prompts that require shoppers to state they have scanned all their items”

Has the real birthplace of King Arthur been found?: “Archaeologists believe they may have discovered the birthplace of the legendary King Arthur at a Cornish palace. The palace in Tintagel is believed to have been built in the sixth century – around the time that the king may have lived. Researchers have uncovered 3ft (1 metre) thick palace walls and more than 150 fragments of ancient pottery and glass which had been imported from around the world. Excavations have been taking place at the 13th century Tintagel Castle in Cornwall for five years in a project run by English Heritage. The castle is popularly thought to be the legendary birthplace of King Arthur, More than 150 fragments of pottery and glass which had been imported to the site from exotic locations across the globe showed wealthy people lived there. These include Late-Roman amphorae, fragments of fine glass and a rim of Phocaean red-slip ware”

Nazi-era industrialist’s Mercedes that was stolen by a U.S. soldier is seized and returned to his German family: “An incredibly rare Mercedes that was taken by a U.S. solder from a German industrialist while he was imprisoned for working with the Nazis is now set to sell for £6m after a court ruling returned it to the family of its original owner. The 1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster was found by Allied troops on the estate of factory owner Hans Prym, while they were lodged there, after he was imprisoned in 1945. The car, one of the best Mercedes ever made, was transported to America where it spent the next 66 years before it was sold in 2011 for £2.9m to a Dutch car enthusiast. After taking delivery if the classic motor, Frans van Haren took it to a car show in Essen, Germany, at which point it was seized by local authorities. This sparked a legal case between Mr van Haren and the Prym family which went in favour of the descendants of the original owner. Now the family has put the car up for auction at Bonhams who have valued it at £5.95m”

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