Gun control, Texas style

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Odd news from around the world

Harry Brant, son of a billionaire and a former supermodel, was arrested for not paying a measly $28 bill: “A billionaire and a supermodel’s silver-spooned son was arrested after skipping out on his cab fare in Connecticut — a measly $28 bill. Greenwich police arrested billionaire Peter Brant and former model Stephanie Seymour’s son, Harry Brant on Thursday night, after catching him running from the cabbie he stiffed. Despite his wealthy family, Brant told police he didn’t have the money to pay for his $27.85 ride on Thursday night, fleeing the cab on foot, the Greenwich Times reported. When officers found him, Brant was “sweating profusely and pale in color,” police said. He first lied and told cops he was not in a taxi, and soon changed his story to admit he didn’t have money to pay for the ride. The billionaire’s son started yelling “No! No!” when officers asked him to put his hands behind his back, and tried running off before cops took him down”

Comic book which is considered the most valuable of all time and was the first to ever feature Superman is expected to fetch more than £500,000 at auction: “The most valuable comic book of all time credited with starting the superhero genre is expected to fetch over £500,000 at auction. Action Comics #1 cost 10 cents when it was released in 1938 but collectors today will have to pay a fortune to get their hands on what is considered the most important issue ever made. Much of the edition’s attraction stems from the fact that it was the earliest comic to feature Superman, the first recognised superhero. This particular one has attracted so much attention from industry enthusiasts because it has remained unrestored, meaning no attempts have been made to renovate the copy. The Certified Guaranty Company, which grade comic books based on their condition, have rated it 5.5/10, which for an item of its considerable age is very good”

Grotesque woman goes to Iran for a nose job: “British porn star Candy Charms has revealed that she has travelled to Iran to have plastic surgery on her nose. The 25-year-old adult entertainer from Essex posted a picture of herself on her Instagram account in the back of a taxi explaining she’d visited Tehran for plastic surgery. Charms, who has 117,000 followers on Twitter and regularly features in the hardcore pornography that she posts, uploaded the image of her wearing a hijab in the cab. She wrote about her flying visit to the Middle East, explaining: ‘My nose was not straight and they are the best in the world in nose surgery. I had my nose done.’ The young porn star may actually just be one of many taking advantage of the country’s low-cost cosmetic surgery, with a nose job in Iran around 60 per cent cheaper than it would cost in the UK. It’s even been dubbed the ‘nose job capital of the world’ thanks to the amount of procedures that take place their every year, said to be more than in cosmetic surgery-loving Los Angeles.”

Thomas Cook tells grieving widow her husband had boarded a flight to Mallorca – despite the fact he’d died seven days previously: “A travel firm left a widow devastated after it claimed her dead husband had in fact travelled on a flight to Spain. The massive blunder made by Thomas Cook came after grieving Pauline Pritchard had tried to claim for compensation for a holiday she cancelled when her husband, James, became gravely ill with liver disease. Thomas Cook at first refused a refund because it said its insurance didn’t cover liver disease, then wrote to Mrs Pritchard after James had died making the extraordinary claim that compensation wasn’t possible because he’d actually travelled on one of its flight to Mallorca and been refused entry. However after a three-week long battle, it eventually apologized for the mishap and gave her a voucher refunding the £1,347.97 booking”

Doing yoga on a plane cost Korean tourist $58K: “A TOURIST who turned violent when he wasn’t allowed to do yoga on a flight has escaped more jail time — but has to pay more than $58,000. South Korean man Hyongtae Pae was arrested after he yelled at flight attendants, shoved his wife and headbutted two Marines when he was told to stop doing yoga on the United Airlines flight from Honolulu, Hawaii to Narita, Japan. Pae and his wife were returning from a trip to Hawaii to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary when the March 26 incident happened. According to court documents, Pae didn’t want to sit in his seat during the meal service, so he went to the back of the plane to do yoga and meditate. Authorities said he refused to return to his seat, threatened crew members and passengers and shoved his wife. His behaviour prompted the pilot to turn the plane around and return to Honolulu. Pae was ordered to pay $US44,235 to United Airlines to cover the cost of turning the plane around”

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