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Odd news from around the world

UK: Virgin Media contractors trap family inside home: “Bungling Virgin Media cable contractors have barricaded a family inside their own house. Cable contractors working for the firm dug a trench and put up fencing all round the house in Bolton before leaving at 2.00pm for the day. Dave Henshall, 47, returned from work to find that he couldn’t get his car onto the drive – or even get into the house himself without fighting his way across the rubble. His wife and daughter were trapped inside. “I was astonished. I had to fight my way into my own house. It’s extremely dangerous. There’s rubble everywhere,” he tells the Manchester Evening News. He added: “I couldn’t park on my own drive. They left it like this and just b******* off.” Virgin Media has apologised, blaming outside contractors.

New whale: “Genetic tests confirm that a mysterious, unnamed species of beaked whale only rarely seen alive by Japanese fishermen roams the northern Pacific Ocean, according to research published this week.m The testing shows the black whales, with bulbous heads and beaks like porpoises, are not dwarf varieties of more common Baird’s beaked whales, a slate-gray animal. Japanese researchers sampled three black beaked whales that washed up on the north coast of Hokkaido, the country’s most northern island, and wrote about them in a 2013 paper. The challenge to confirm the existence of the new animal was finding enough specimens from a wider area for testing and matching genetic samples, according to Phillip Morin, a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration research molecular biologist. The largest beaked whale varieties can reach 40 feet and spend up to 90 minutes underwater hunting for squid in deep water. They are hard to research because they may spend only a few minutes at the surface, Morin said by phone Thursday. They rarely breach, travel in small numbers and blend into their surroundings”

Incredible 4-year-old: “A four-year-old boy prevented his mother’s arm from breaking when he lifted a double bed off of her as she was getting crushed – while wearing Incredible Hulk pyjamas. Little Luke Banks displayed ‘superhuman’ strength to lift the bed off his mother Gemma Banks, 32, while she was being squashed. Ms Banks, from Crawley, West Sussex, was at home with her son and her two-year-old daughter Lucy when her mobile phone fell down the side of her bed. It landed down the gap between between the mattress and headboard of her Ottoman bed – which raises up for underneath storage space. With the bed raised, she reached down to grab her phone – but one of the springs gave way and her arm got trapped under the heavy bed. She was left screaming in agony because she believed her arm was about to be snapped in half before Luke came running over. The youngster used all his strength to lift up bed and most of his mother to free her arm, while he was wearing his green pyjamas. ‘He is only little and it is really heavy, even putting the bed together was an absolute nightmare because it was just so heavy”

Half-naked STRIPPERS dance provocatively around a man’s coffin in an attempt to attract more mourners to a Chinese funeral: “Footage from a funeral in China shows two scantily clad women gyrating next to a man’s coffin as they dance to Maroon 5’s hit Moves Like Jagger. Attending mourners eagerly film the scandalous scene as the strippers – dressed in bikini tops and knee-high leather boots – sashay around the casket. Just as they might on a nightclub podium the pair flick their hair and provocatively shake their assets in an energised dance routine while lights flash from pink to green to blue, illuminating a picture of the deceased. At one point they even drape themselves seductively over the white coffin as though posing with the departed man – named only as Mr Jian. Strippers are invited to dance at funerals in China and Taiwan in the hopes of attracting more morners – with a higher numbers of attendees seen as reflecting a higher status.”

The town that won’t stop shaking: Town with just 850 residents has been hit with 50 earthquakes in less than TWO MONTHS: “A remote gold-mining town has earned the unwanted title of Australia’s earthquake capital after it was rocked by 50 tremors in less than two months. The 850 people living in the town of Norseman, West Australia, are struggling to come to terms with the quakes that rumbled in two months ago and have shown no signs of leaving. At its worst Norseman was struck by a staggering 18 earthquakes in just two days and the bad news is these shocks could continue for years, Australian Geographic reported. Norseman, about eight hours drive east of Perth, sits on an extremely tremor-prone fault line belonging to the massive Indo-Australian tectonic plate. As the plate creeps northwards pressure builds up at the boundaries until it is finally released by earthquakes”

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