911 replies

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What was the weirdest 911 call ever received?

Caller: My cat got out and is stuck up in a tree.

911: I’m sorry to hear that. What did you need?

Caller: I want the fire department to get her out.

911: I’m afraid the fire department doesn’t do that.

Caller: Yes, they do. I’ve seen it in movies.

911: Maybe movie fire departments do, but ours doesn’t.

Caller: Then what am I supposed to do?

911: Wait. The cat will come down on its own.

Caller: No, it won’t! It’s stuck up there.

911: If the cat climbed up the tree, it can climb down the tree.

Caller: You don’t know that! How do you know my cat won’t be stuck up there forever and die?

911: Have you ever seen a cat skeleton up in a tree?




Odd news from around the world

Would you pay $5 for a bottle of milk? Hipster alternative to the banned ‘raw’ dairy product goes on sale: “Hipsters are rushing to purchase the closest thing Australia has to offer to ‘raw’ milk as they willingly pay $5 for a 750ml bottle. Made by Cow launched its ‘cold pressed raw milk’ in June this year as an alternative to heat pasteurisated milk and is now selling its product across NSW and Victoria. With two litre regular home brand milk selling for as little as 50 cents in supermarket chains, money does not be appear to be a deterrent for those looking for a ‘healthier’ option. Founder of the product Saxon Joye sources the milk from 300 cows on the NSW south Coast, reported The Daily Telegraph. The milk goes directly from cow to bottle. After sealing the bottles, they’re placed under extreme cold water pressure, via a patented, world first, cold pressing technique that is equivalent to taking the milk six times deeper than the deepest part of the ocean. This eliminates any harmful bacteria”

Indian siblings wander into jungle with tigers and other wild animals for days at a time… but always come back unharmed: “A pair of Indian siblings who have a close bond with wild animals have been compared to Mowgli from The Jungle Book. Surendera Kumar and his sister Rajeshwari, 25, wander into the jungle for days at a time and play with monkeys in Rajnandgaon, in the Chhattisgarh region. They never fear the wild animals that roam the area and love to play freely amongst the trees and fauna. Their mother Pancho Bai, 45, lives her life in fear of losing them and in particular Surendera, 20, known as Golu, because of how close he gets to the animals. She said: ‘He roams around in the jungle and I have to drag him home. I have seen him playing Kabaddi sporting game and hide and seek with monkeys and chasing them around. ‘I’ve often seen Golu behaving like a monkey. People in our village have even tagged him a Gorilla for the way he walks. He has a bond with animals and I believe that is why no animal has ever harmed him”

Norway set to give Finland a MOUNTAIN to celebrate country’s 100th birthday: “Norway is considering moving a mountain to neighbouring Finland to celebrate its birthday. The country is considering giving the Halti peak as a gift to help the Finns celebrate 100 years of independence next year. Most of the mountain is on the Finnish side of their northern border but the peak of 4,367 feet is in Norway. The proposal would redraw the border 490 feet north and 650 feet to the east to put the peak in Finland. While mountainous Norway has several peaks that are higher, Finland’s highest mountain is 4,347 feet. Former Norwegian state surveyor Bjorn Geirr Harsson, 75, who came up with the proposal, said ‘it would be nice to give Finland an extra six metres (20 feet).’ He launched a social media campaign which has been backed online. Finns will celebrate 100 years of independence from Russian rule on December 6, 2017. Although the social media campaign has backing there are also groups in Norway opposed to the mountain move”

Golfer John Senden waits (and waits and waits) for 22 agonizing SECONDS as his ball teeters on the edge of the hole… before his patience unbelievably pays off: “Patience is a virtue, and Australian golfer John Senden has it in spades. During the opening round of the US PGA Championship at Baltusrol in Springfield, New Jersey, Senden showed incredible composure as he waited 22 seconds for a putt to drop. The 15-foot long-range putt on the 16th hole was one of Senden’s three birdies on Thursday. The shot was on track as it rolled towards the hole, but hung up directly on the edge of the cup. He walked around slowly and crouched down to take a closer look, stretching out the 10 seconds normally allowed before being forced to tap the ball in. As Senden gave up and raised his club to hit the ball it suddenly disappeared into the hole for a birdie”

Fake tan may give you WRINKLES: “Owing to awareness of the harm caused by the sun’s UV rays, fake tan and its just-back-from-the-Med glow have never been more popular. One in three women now use fake tan products and the industry is worth £100 million a year – with sales rocketing 38 per cent over the past year alone. But ask around, and users have all manner of health concerns, ranging from wrinkles to skin irritation and cancer. Added to this, experts aren’t convinced ingredients in fake tan – or the methods of application – are good for us. That’s because fake bakes work by reacting with your skin’s outer layer, which is mainly comprised of dead skin cells. Known as the Maillard reaction, it creates compounds that turn the cells brown. The Maillard reaction causes oxidative stress – a type of damage much like you’d get from pollution or even sunbathing – in the superficial layers of skin. In other words, fake tans may cause lines, wrinkles and sagging by damaging the skin – which users wanted to avoid by staying out of the sun”

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