A car worth $2 million on eBay

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1935 Mercedes-Benz 500K Special Roadster




Odd news from around the world

Mobility scooter races in Scotland: “Thrill-seeking pensioners summoned up the spirit of Dastardly and Muttley in Arbroath on Saturday. Mobility scooters whizzed around at speeds of up to 8mph during a wacky races funded by the Arbroath COPD Group. The town’s Low Common resembled the Monaco Grand Prix street circuit as drivers pitted their wits against each other. The Arbroath Mobility Scooter Wacky Races included activities aimed at giving confidence to both novice and advanced mobility scooter users. The first of its kind in Scotland, it featured learner driving training to all mobility scooter users, wacky races and time trials. Whilst the day was primarily aimed at mobility scooter users who may be disabled or elderly, there were also events for children.”

Selfie-related deaths in 2016: “In January this year a 19-year-old student fell to her death from the top of a 20-story apartment building in Manila Philippines, while taking a selfie. Her classmate told media that, “she was not satisfied with the photos they had taken so she decided to climb up the parapet wall”. A 16-year-old boy was killed by a passenger train while taking a selfie with an approaching train in Chennai, India. According to reports: “The teen reportedly walked in front of the train and waited for it to come closer before taking the photo”. In February this year, three students of Mandya Institute of Medical Sciences drowned after falling in an irrigation canal in Hulivana village, 180 km from Bengaluru, India, reportedly while they were taking selfies. In April 2016, Manjeet Chowdhary climbed a rock fountain at a zoo in Hyderabad, India, apparently to take a selfie. The 16 year old slipped, fell into the water and may have hit his head on a rock. He was taken to hospital where his death was recorded. At a local wildlife park in the city of Rongcheng, Shangdong province in China, a businessman was drowned by a walrus after taking several selfies and videos with the animal”

Revolutionary twice-daily pill can slow the progress of Alzheimer’s: “Scientists say they have been able to significantly slow the rate of mental decline in patients who took the twice-daily pill. The drug, called LMTX, even slows the rate at which the brain shrinks in dementia patients, according to results presented at the world’s largest Alzheimer’s conference. In some cases, patients have shown extraordinary recoveries, the researchers said. The drug’s inventor, Professor Claude Wischik of Aberdeen University, said the ‘remarkable results’ will allow him to apply for a drugs licence as soon as next year. The drug approaches the problem in a completely different way to other treatments, being the first to target the ‘tangles’ of proteins that destroy nerve cells in the brain. It dissolves the protein, which is called ‘tau’, and stops more tangles forming.

Expensive US military equipment dumped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after the Second World War: “It’s called Million Dollar Point – an apt title for a treasure trove of US military equipment left dumped at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean after the Second World War. Amazing pictures have revealed the stash – and huge waste – of vehicles and other apparatus in waters off the island paradise of Vanuatu. The US military had been using Espiritu Santo, Vanuatu, as a base to launch attacks on the Japanese. The wreckage includes, bulldozers, jeeps, trucks, semi-trailers, fork lifts, tractors, clothing, corrugated iron and even Coke bottles. The US failed to come to a deal with locals to buy the equipment and it was deemed cheaper to dump in the ocean rather than transport it back to the US. However, there are conflicting accounts of this process, with some questioning why some of the civilian items, which accounted for the majority of the items, were not given to locals, known as the ni-Vanuatu people, who might have appreciated them”

Would you drink nine week old milk? Scientists create process to prolong shelf life: “Milk is usually drinkable for one or two weeks after the ‘sell-by’ date. However, a team of researchers has now eliminated 99 percent of the bacteria left behind after the dairy product is pasteurized and tacked on several weeks to its shelf life. By increasing the milk’s temperature by 10 degrees Celsius for just one second, they added seven more weeks to the usual life span of refrigerated milk – for a grand total of nine weeks. The traditional method of pasteurization calls for high-temperature, for a short-time, but Purdue’s study did just the opposite. The low-temperature, short-time (LTST) sprayed tiny droplets of pasteurized milk through a heated, pressurized chamber that rapidly raises and lowers the temperature of the milk about 10 degrees Celsius. Panelists did not detect differences in color, aroma, taste or aftertaste between the products”

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