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Odd news from around the world

Family wake up to find a saltwater crocodile left in their bathroom by a home invader: “A family who awoke to find someone had come into their house overnight and smuggled a saltwater crocodile into their bathroom thought it was a joke. Coralie Myers, 16, realised the 1.7 metre crocodile was in the bathroom of her Bees Creek, Darwin home early on Monday morning, and passed it off as a prank from a family member. ‘I didn’t want to go to close it but I really needed to go to the bathroom (it was) lucky we had another one in the house — only in Darwin.’ The reptile’s jaws had been bound but was otherwise unrestricted. ‘The croc didn’t creep me out, the fact someone came in to our house freaked me out,’ Coralie told The NT News. Senior wildlife ranger Tom Nichols said the creature was a female and in ill health. He said interfering with a crocodile was an offence. It was caught and taken to a farm.”

Bushwalkers rescue a dog from freezing waters in a rock pool – name her Miss Piggy and reunite her with her owner: “A group of bushwalkers have taken the internet by storm after rescuing a lost dog stuck in freezing waters in rugged bushland and reuniting her with her owner. ‘As we walked along the creek bed, we noticed a disturbance in one of the deep pools ahead,’ she wrote. ‘Thinking it might be a roo or a platypus, we approached quietly, only to see this forlorn little face looking back. It was honestly the saddest sight.’ They looped a rope around her head and shoulders and dragged her from the water. ‘It was completely exhausted from it’s attempts to struggle out of the deep section it had fallen into, and there’s no way it would’ve survived the night,’ Dangerm0use wrote. The group put together a makeshift harness using a large stick and a bag for Miss Piggy to sit in as they carried her through the bush. ‘I posted on a FB page for lost pets in the area surrounding where we’d found her, and miraculously, got a message about 30 mins later”

Siberian wildcats driven to the brink of extinction by predators and poachers hunting their fur: “Rare images of a wildcat on the brink of extinction have been caught by animal protection volunteers in Siberia. The endangered Pallas’s wildcats have been hunted by poachers for their fur which can be sold on the black market to be made into mittens. Native to remote regions of southern Siberia, as well as Central Asia and China, they are seldom seen, and known for their reclusive and solitary lives. ‘They are secretive and do not like to be seen, making these images rather special,’ reported The Siberian Times. This cat was caught on camera a whisker away from an animal camera trap as it surveyed the scene in the Altai Nature Reserve in mountainous southern Siberia. The short-clawed, cave-dwelling wildcat is listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the Red List of the International Union for Conservation of Nature where it has the status of ‘near threatened'”

Girl, 7, who wrote to David Cameron because she was ‘sad he had to quit his job’ receives a kind reply from the former PM : “A bright seven-year-old who was upset when David Cameron resigned wrote to the former PM to tell him ‘I will miss you being Prime Minister’ – and received a response just a few weeks later. Charlotte McLellan wrote to Mr Cameron after he left his role as leader of the country following the Brexit vote and said she was ‘sad you have quit your job’. The intelligent youngster, described as ‘quite an individual’ by her mum, Nicola, was warned she might not receive a reply but was thrilled when Mr Cameron wrote back to tell her he was ‘profoundly grateful’ for her support. Nursery nurse Nicola, 36, who lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, with Charlotte, Charlotte’s nine-year-old sister, Ruby and her husband, Andrew, 36, said Charlotte decided to write the letter herself. Charlotte said: ‘I always looked up to him as my leader. I always liked his speeches and what he was talking about. Nicola said she wasn’t surprised with Charlotte’s letter as she’s quite an affectionate little girl”

China unveils world’s largest float plane: “China has completed production of the world’s largest amphibious aircraft which will be used to fight forest fires and perform marine rescues. The aircraft, dubbed the AG600, is around the size of a Boeing 737 – far larger than any other plane built to take off and land on water. It has a maximum flight range of 2,800 miles and can collect 12 tonnes of water in 20 seconds. Its maximum take-off weight of 53.5 tonnes. The production is the latest effort in the country’s program to wean itself off dependence on foreign aviation firms. The Chinese plane, which is targeted at the domestic market, will be ‘very useful in developing and exploiting marine resources,’ local media reported, adding that it could be used for ‘environmental monitoring, resource detection and transportation’. Despite a history of delays and problems, China’s aviation industry has made rapid progress in the last year. It rolled out the C919, China’s first domestically developed narrow-body passenger plane, in November last year”

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