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Odd news from around the world

Australia: Wild dogs set to be the environmental saviour of reef island: “A Queensland council is releasing dingoes onto a Great Barrier Reef island to kill feral goats that are destroying its endangered ecosystem. The four wild dogs, two of which have already been released on Pelorus Island, will not have a chance to become pests themselves, as they have been implanted with a time-activated poison, Hinchinbrook Shire Council said. The council manages Pelorus Island, part of the Palm Island group, which lies 15 kilometres off the coast between Townsville and Cairns. The rugged, four-square-kilometre island is home to rare littoral rainforest that is being eaten away by 300 feral goats, the council’s chief pest officer, Matt Buckman, said. Mr Jayo said previous exercises — “such as trying to trap [the goats] or trying to shoot them” — had proven close to impossible because of the difficult terrain. “We’ve also tried aerial shooting but the problem is there’s so much vegetation up on top that we can’t get a clear shot”

Council tickets ‘legally parked car’ after switching sign to ‘no stopping’: “Parking signs can be confusing at the best of times, but imagine leaving your car safely in a permit zone only to return to find it is under a no-stopping sign with a ticket on the windscreen. This is what North Melbourne resident Mark Anderson says happened to him when Melbourne City Council switched parking signs without warning. And, he says, he has the GPS data to prove it. Mr Anderson says he parked his Volkswagen Polo on Leveson Street about 3.30pm on Sunday, June 5. On Thursday, June 9, he was shocked to discover he had been stung with a $152 fine after a no-stopping sign had been erected in front of the spot because of roadworks. He wrote to the council to dispute the fine, expecting it to be overturned. Instead, he was told council records showed his car hadn’t been parked in the spot when the signs were changed at 5am on June 8. He could either pay the fine or fight it in court. He has a GPS tracker installed in the car and he says this has provided proof his car was parked in the bay when the signs were changed”

British mechanic goes on 15,000 MILE round trip from London to Mongolia to carry out a 10-minute repair with an £87 part: “A mechanic took customer service to a new level by going on a 15,000 mile round trip from London to Mongolia – to carry out a 10-minute repair with an £87 part. Dedicated Bentley specialist William Medcalf took two flights and then drove through the desert for more than seven hours to help stricken client Bill Cleyndert. Mr Cleyndert was taking part in the Peking to Paris motoring rally when a wheel bearing failed on his 1924 Bentley Super Sports. He was just two days into the journey in China and with no parts available his only hope was Mr Medcalf, who had prepared the car ahead of the 8,500 mile drive. After quickly sourcing the £87 part he set off from his base in West Sussex. After reaching their remote camp at 7.30am, he simply removed the wheel and replaced the bearing in a job lasting no more than 10 minutes”

Around the world in 11 days: Russian Orthodox priest, 65, sets new record after flying non-stop in hot-air balloon: “A Russian Orthodox priest has entered the record books after enduring 11 days of freezing temperatures and ferocious storms to become the fastest person to fly solo around the world in a hot air balloon. However, Fedor Konyukhov was less interested in his historic achievement and more excited by the prospect of his first shower in almost two weeks after he touched down in the Australian outback on Saturday. His 56-metre (184-foot) tall helium and hot air balloon had begun its journey 11 days and six hours earlier, starting out in Perth, before heading across Australia, over the South Pacific to Chile, Argentina and Uruguay before reaching Brazil on day seven. It would be the last time the intrepid explorer would see dry land again until he arrived on the Western coast of Australia today”

Man is arrested after attempting to STEAL the Olympic torch on the streets of Sao Paulo: “This is the shocking moment a man tried to steal the Olympic flame while it was passing through the Brazilian town of Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo. The man was arrested by officers from the National Public Security Force after lunging out at the torch this morning. The suspect, who has not yet been identified, tried to steal the flame on the Salgado Filho Avenue in the centre of Guarulhos. The incident did not affect the route which is expected to continue into the centre of Sao Paulo tomorrow. The suspect, dressed in black, lunges for the flame before being swiftly knocked to the ground. He slams into a female police officer, injuring her in the head, just a few paces in front of the torch bearer. Police officers then carry the man off the route and the torch procession continues”

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