What the signs really say

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Odd news from around the world

Top violinist says he is being extorted by porn star ex-girlfriend who’s suing him for $12m: “A world-famous violinist who is being sued by his porn star ex-girlfriend claims in a counter-suit she is a gold-digging extortionist after she accused him of forcing her to drink his urine. David Garrett, who is a Julliard-trained violinist, is being sued for $12million by his ex, 28-year-old Ashley Youdan. The brunette who works under the name Kendall Karson, claims in her civil court filing that Garrett, 35, forced her into rough sex that caused her to break a rib, wanted to hire a sex slave, had sex with transsexuals and used cocaine. Garrett met Youdan through The Luxury Companion, a Los Angeles escort service, in 2014, according to his counter-suit that was filed in a Manhattan court. The world famous violinist became ‘enamored,’ and Youdan started calling herself his fiancée despite his claim there was never a formal proposal for marriage”

Tiny house in Japan: “An extraordinary triangular house has been designed to allow a family to go effortlessly about their lives despite it being no wider than a parking space at one end. The space-saving two-storey project features modern decor throughout with plenty of natural light and even boasts a spare room. Crammed into the tiny 312.9 square foot (29.07 square metres) is a kitchen-diner, living room, bedroom, bathroom, play area and hallway. It was built at the end of a dead-end road on a acute triangular plot which is crossed by a river and another road in Suginami, Tokyo, Japan. It even has a allocated parking, a spare room and loft space, the latter is being used as a play area. The building design was led by Kota Mizuishi head of the Mizuishi Architect Atelier firm. The 43-year-old designed the wooden, steel and aluminum structure between March 2010 and November 2010 and it was built in just four months from December that year to March 2011”

Unusual Japanese bikini: “If you thought you’d seen some racy bikinis this summer, brace yourself. A string-thin ‘bikini’ is taking the internet by storm having just landed in Japan as it’s hailed the hottest new piece of swimwear in the Far East this summer. The two-piece, by fashion house Buyma, lets wearers show a very generous amount of ‘under-boob’ and just about covers their nipples. Not only does the bikini top not encase the wearer’s breasts properly – like a bikini is supposed to – but it features a lot of unnecessary criss-cross straps across the chest and cleavage – as if to accentuate its lack of support in other, more vital areas. The bottom half, on the other hand, shows everything except your most intimate body part. It features a tiny piece of material at the front and widely spaces straps which encase your bottom – leaving your cheeks showing fully. Women in Japan are snapping up the bondage-inspired swimsuits from Pocket Tokyo, where it retails for around £28”

Is this the most bungled robbery ever?: “An alleged armed robbery went awry at a pharmacy on Thursday night when one of the men accidentally sprayed himself with pepper spray and his accomplice cut himself with a knife. One of the men walked into the pharmacy in Shoalwater, south of Perth, just before 6pm on Thursday and took several items and ran out of the store, police said. The second man then joined him and the pair were running through a shopping centre parking lot when the pharmacist caught up with them, police said. When the pharmacist confronted them, one of the men tried to spray him with pepper spray but the can was turned around the wrong way and he accidentally sprayed himself. The second man pulled out a knife but pharmacy staff told ABC that he ended up cutting himself. The men, aged 18 to 21, then fled on foot.

Fisherman enjoys a day out on the river – but something seems to be slowing him down: “At first glance it is difficult to spot anything wrong with this idyllic image of a fisherman enjoying a day out on an Australian river. But closer inspection of the baffling photo reveals one major, hilarious flaw. The photo was posted to the Barra Jacks fishing page with the invitation to spot what was wrong. Although the picture took some studying, many users eventually picked up that the keen fisherman had left his boat attached to the trailer. What was more baffling to many was not the photo, but how the mistake was made in the first place. ‘I’m racking my brain to figure out how someone could manage that,’ one commenter said. Another user was a little more blunt, saying: ‘Hahaha this **** still got the trailer on.’

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