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Odd news from around the world

Researchers find ‘irrelevant’ scribbles in Leonardo da Vinci’s notebook actually reveal the moment he first recorded the laws of friction: “He may be known for masterpieces such as the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, but Leonardo di Vinci was also a man who envisioned ideas long before there was technology to build them. A new detailed study of notes and sketches in a one of his famous notebooks has found exactly where da Vinci first recorded the laws of friction. Previously deemed as ‘irrelevant’ by art historians, the 1493 document illustrates square blocks being pulled by a string which passes over a pulley that suspends a circular weight. Professor Ian Hutchings from the University of Cambridge was the expert to realize there is more to these scribbles than what was first believed. Hutchings describes them in his study, which illustrates ‘three square blocks being pulled to the left by a string which passes over a pulley and from which a circular weight is suspended.’ There is also a head of a an old woman by the words ‘cosa bella mortal passa e non dura’, which is translated as ‘mortal beauty passes and does not endure.’

Seal offers up a starfish in its mouth like a dog with a ball: “Seals are often called the ‘dogs of the sea’ but this one went out of his way to prove the similarities between his species and man’s best friend. Swimming in waters near Simonis Town, South Africa, the seal picked up a starfish with his mouth and presented it to a British diver as a gift. The underwater pictures show the seal swimming around with the diver, chewing on kelp and orange sponge before he picked up the starfish. The seal then brought the animal over to the diver, playing with it like a dog uses a chew toy. The images were captured by Manchester underwater photographer Caroline Robertson-Brown. Seals mostly eat fish but they will consume just about any type of meat they can get including squid, octopus, and shellfish. They normally swallow their food whole suggesting that this seal had no intention of eating the embattled starfish”

Forms of HIV carried by chimpanzees can infect HUMANS: Study supports theory AIDS epidemic started in primates: “The first strain of a virus considered the ancestor of HIV – the virus that causes AIDS – may have been passed to humans through a bite wound or scratch from a hunted chimpanzee whose blood seeped into a small cut. Experts believe it was passed to humans in the early 1900s, somewhere near a West African rainforest. Now a study has backed up this theory, by proving forms of HIV can cross between chimps and humans. The AIDS epidemic began in a rainforest in southeastern Cameroon in 1908 and not more than 70 years later when the virus started to be recognized in the early 1980s. For a book out earlier this year, which is subtitled ‘How AIDS emerged from an African forest’, David Quammen traced the history of AIDS by examining genetic samples from humans and chimps”

Chinese tear down Tibetan mountainside ‘city’ that’s home to 10,000 Buddhist monks and nuns: “Chinese government workers are dismantling buildings and evicting residents at Larung Gar, one of the world’s largest centers of Tibetan Buddhist learning, according to overseas-based Tibetan groups. London-based Free Tibet said government workers began removing residential buildings and evicting people who live at the academy, which sits 12,500ft up in western Sichuan province, on Thursday morning. Several exile Tibetan groups have said local authorities distributed an order in June to reduce the number of monks and nuns living there by half to 5,000, citing overcrowding concerns. The order also sought a clear separation between genuine monks and nuns studying at the site and lay people residing there, according to pro-Tibetan groups, which have characterized the government move as an attempt to better manage religious activity in the area.” [Note that this was in China, not Tibet]

Jonahs: “A couple whose wedding was ruined when the ceiling collapsed at their reception are now stranded in Malta after booking their honeymoon through collapsed travel company Low Cost Holidays. Keith and Sharon Clark’s wedding ended in disaster when they and another couple tying the knot that day had to be evacuated along with all their guests from Dundee’s Queens Hotel. Following their night of drama, the new Mr and Mrs Clark, from Aberdeen, hoped to forget their ruined reception and jetted off to Malta on Tuesday for a week’s honeymoon. Upon arriving at their hotel however, the couple received the devastating news that because holiday provider, Low Cost Travel, had ceased trading their booked and paid for accommodation was no longer available. The couple have to raid their spending money to fund accommodation and food and are now left with nothing till they fly home next week”

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