In an era of “gender fluidity”

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Odd news from around the world

Australia: Gold bullion worth $20,000 found in backyard in Kiama on NSW south coast: “Police have launched a public appeal to find the owner of $20,000 of gold bullion after a woman found it in her backyard on the state’s south coast. The woman discovered the gold in a package at her Kiama property last week and handed it in to police at Lake Illawarra police station last Thursday, July 14. Lake Illawarra Sergeant Jason Harrison said he was appealing for the gold’s owner to come forward, but he would be unable to describe its unique appearance. “I’m not going to describe the gold any further other than it is described as gold bullion and someone that is missing gold would be able to give us more details about possibly what it was contained in and how it might be formed,” Sergeant Harrison said. Sergeant Harrison said the bullion may not even come from the Kiama area and was possibly stolen and dumped or dropped in the backyard by the thief.”

‘Surprise! You’ve been drinking my breast milk!’: Woman gets revenge on office thief who stole her ‘cream’ from the fridge: “Writing notes on sandwiches or hiding food down the back of the fridge – they’ve long been a common workplace tactic to ensure your food doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. But as one woman found out recently, that doesn’t stop everyone. After discovering that a sneaky colleague had been stealing some ‘cream’ to add to their morning coffee all week, the woman decided to enjoy the last laugh. Placing a note on the bottle in the fridge, she let the office thief know that what they were using wasn’t cream, but was in fact her very own breastmilk. Posting a photo of her revenge to Reddit, the unidentified woman clearly enjoyed breaking the news to the unauthorised user that they had got more than they’d bargained for”

Miracle of teacher, 39, who survived when her car was crushed between two trucks: “A teacher whose car was crushed so badly that emergency services did not realise she was inside has told how she miraculously cheated death. Katie Holt’s VW Golf was mangled into such a small space that the recovery crews did not spot that it was there at first – let alone that she was trapped inside. The 39-year-old, who has just become a mother for the first time, was cut from the wreckage and airlifted to hospital where she was treated for skull and back fractures and a broken left arm. She spent ten days in hospital in December 2014 before returning home, and it took around two months for her to get her memory back and learn to walk again. The driver of the skip hire truck which hit her pleaded guilty to driving without due care and attention and got six penalty points. She has now received an undisclosed settlement from the insurers of the skip company after bosses admitted liability”

Man finds woman LIVING in his attic – who insists it’s actually HER house: “Davis Wahlman was stunned when he heard rustling around in the upper levels of his Green Lake, Washington home Monday night, and pulled on the door to his office, only to find it locked. In the unusual position of knocking on a door in his own home, he knocked a few times before a woman called out, ‘Jimmy? Is that you, Jimmy?’ according to KOMO. Minutes earlier, Wahlman had also heard rummaging around in his attic, and thought that was strange. But things got even more odd when the noises moved to his office, and then a dark-haired woman opened the door and Wahlman was confronted with the face of a total stranger. The woman then, according to the startled homeowner, insisted it was actually her house. ‘This is my house. I live here. I’ve been here for three days. Jimmy said I could live here, Jimmy said I could stay here,’ he said the woman told him. Wahlman, who had dialed 911 as soon as he heard someone in his office, tried to keep the woman engaged until police could arrive, but because Wahlman says they took almost 20 minutes to get there, the woman absconded before cops showed up.

Facebook flies internet plane: “Aquila is a high-altitude, long-endurance, unmanned solar-powered airplane. The wings are made from a cured carbon fiber that is stronger than steel for the same mass of material. Aquila has a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 737 airplane but weighs hundreds of times less(about a third of an electric car), because of its unique design and carbon-fiber frame. Aquila flies on solar power during the day and battery power at night. About half of Aquila’smass is devoted to batteries. At 60,000 feet, Aquila’s efficient aerodynamics allow it to loiter using approximately 5,000 Watts of power, about as much as three hair dryers. The batteries must supply that load for a longwinter night: up to 13 or 14 hours. The solar-powered aircraft is designed to beam internet access to hundreds of millions of people in hard-to-reach areas around the globe. However, Zuckerberg said the firm will not build the drones itself. ‘What we want to do is prove that this works, and then figure out ways to license the technology or give it away so that telcos and governments and nonprofits and crisis areas can offer this.’

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