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Odd news from around the world

Can you tell if your olive oil is REALLY extra virgin?: “Around 80 per cent of olive oils labelled extra virgin in stores globally aren’t actually extra virgin, according to an industry expert in Madrid. Despite rampant deceit, the United States’ olive oil consumption has almost tripled over the last 25 years, leading the FDA to consider testing all imported oils as of 2017. ‘There is a lot of fraud in this industry’, Maria Ubago from Albea Blanca tells me when we meet in Madrid. Albea Blanca became an award-winning Spanish olive oil brand within just one year of being created in 2014. Instead of bottling oil from their own olive mill, Maria Ubago was hired by the company’s director to undertake comprehensive research on Spanish growers and only purchase the very best oil to sell under Albea Blanca’s brand. For olive oil to be extra virgin, the acidity level must be below 0.8 per cent. The acidity is affected by how many hours are left in-between picking the olives and taking them to the mill to be cold-pressed”

Simple trick to get the last of the Heinz ketchup out of a glass bottle; “Getting ketchup out of a glass bottle is a risky game, with your fries either being left starved of tomato sauce or drowned in the red condiment. However, the king of ketchup, Heinz has revealed there is, in fact, a knack to getting the perfect serving on your plate. Fans of the brand will probably be aware that there is a small ’57’ embossed on its glass bottles which is actually the secret to the tomato sauce release. ‘The sweet spot to tap on the Heinz bottle is the embossed 57 on the neck. All you need to do is apply a firm tap where the bottle narrows, and the ketchup will come out easier.

Man’s Audi is covered with pink paint and scrawled with messages telling owner he is ‘a wifebeater’ and ‘not a man’: “A furious woman got her very public revenge on her ‘wifebeater’ partner by covering his Audi with pink paint and scrawling messages on the top which read: ‘You’re not a man.’ The normally-white vehicle was spotted by stunned residents in a suburban street in the village of Flackwell Heath, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. One eyewitness said the flash car – which neighbours had not previously seen in the area – appeared to have been defaced with bright emulsion. The perpetrator then appeared to have used their hands to daub words including ‘wifebeater’ and b****’ all over the vehicle. The car has now been removed from the street and is apparently being cleaned up”

The ‘unbreakable’ glass that could finally mean an end to cracked phone screens: “Corning has revealed its newest version of Gorilla Glass, and it can withstand drops from more than half a meter higher than the previous model. According to the firm, the glass can survive a fall from 1.6 meters high onto a rough surface – about equal to the height you reach while taking a selfie. Corning points to a recent global study, which found that more than 85 percent of smartphone owners have dropped their phones at least once per year. And, over 60 percent of these drops are from between waist and shoulder height. Gorilla Glass 5, Corning’s newest version of its ultra-durable glass, is built with this in mind. Lab tests have shown that the glass survives up to 80 percent of face-down drops from 1.6 meters high”

Is there anything duct tape can’t do? Fisherman saved by DIY leg bandage after he was bitten by a shark: “A Gold Coast man bitten by a shark while he was running a charter fishing trip on Wednesday afternoon used padding and duct tape to treat his wound so his customers could keep fishing. Scott van Burck, 31, was about 20 kilometres – or an hour and a half – off the coast of Main Beach when a customer caught a one-metre reef shark, reported the Brisbane Times. After helping pull the catch aboard, it flipped and bit Mr van Burck on the calf. Deckhand Adrian Gray told 9News he used pliers to pull the big fish off his colleague. Instead of panicking, the experienced fisherman applied some padding to the wound and secured it with duct tape, and decided to call his mum instead of an ambulance. Luckily, his mother Tiana van Burck called emergency services for her son, and an ambulance met the fishing group at Muriel Henchman Drive in Main Beach just before 1pm”

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