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A friend walked into his philosophy final in college. A chair sat on top of the desk. The professor handed out a piece of paper, and said, “Prove to me beyond a shadow of a doubt that this chair doesn’t exist.”

My friend wrote down something, handed it in, and walked out of the room. He came in later to apologize to the professor for his sarcastic answer.

“Don’t be,” the professor said, “I saw all sorts of explanations all day, but yours was by far the best.”

What my friend wrote: “what chair?”




Odd news from around the world

The bottled water con rumbles on: “Consumers are copping markups higher than 55,000 per cent for the glorified tap water marketed under ‘purified’ or ‘organic’ branding. Bottled tap water sells for more than $1 a litre while the same stuff costs just $0.002 a litre straight from the faucet. Pureau Water markets itself as ‘Australia’s purest and best tasting water’ and sells in Coles supermarkets for around $1.11 for one litre. It is essentially tap water that is treated in a ‘purification process’ which Pureau said ‘removes contaminants including chlorine, bacteria, salt, fluoride, and heavy metals’. Chlorine is a salt that is added to all tap water to purify it and fluoride is added to water to prevent tooth decay. Owner Warren Peffer told Fairfax that is was so cheap to sell tap water he was essentially just charging for plastic bottles”

Chinese tourists stand on a flimsy raft and dip meat dangling from sticks into a lake teeming with crocodiles: “Terrifying photos have emerged online of Chinese tourists- some of them children- standing on a rusty metal raft feeding crocodiles. The photos sparked outrage after they were posted to Twitter on Friday. The holiday makers scrambled aboard the make-shift cage floating on top of plastic barrels. They dangled chunks of meat from flimsy sticks only centimetres above the powerful jaws of three-metre crocodiles. The reptiles leapt out of the water to snatch their lunch. The reptiles are used for crocodile farming. Elephant Kingdom owner Uthen Youngprapakorn told the Mirror: ‘We don’t put more than 15 people in a cage at a time. But they can hold more than this. … There have never been any problems and visitors are very happy. We always watch everything very closely.’ Elephant Kingdom will be closed for 90 days while officials perform safety checks, the Mirror reported”

Thai computer programmer is third best Scrabble player in the world despite speaking NO ENGLISH: “He is one of the world’s best scrabble players but this brainbox cannot speak a word of English. Thai wordsmith Komol Panyasophonlert, 31, is ranked third in the world after memorising 90 per cent of the entire language. He learned how to play from a tatty handbook he found lying around at home when he was 14 and trains by reading the dictionary for six hours a day. But remarkably, Komol can only utter a handful of words in broken English, can’t string a sentence together and relies on Google Translate for written communication. He said: ‘Scrabble isn’t really about speaking fluently and knowing grammar. It’s more about logic, memory, maths and being able to outsmart your opponent. ‘People are surprised that I can’t speak English but being able to remember words is the most important thing”

Bored chemist cons her way into becoming the official Miss Macedonia by setting up the country’s first contest and giving herself the crown: “A Macedonian woman is stirring up controversy in the Balkan nation after she entered herself into an international beauty pageant and was recently sat behind the country’s president at a VIP cultural event. Dunavka Trifunovska, 34, was ridiculed after she appeared at the Miss Grand International contest last October and left people scratching their heads after she appeared at the summer festival alongside several dignitaries. When Trifunovska learned that her country was not represented at the Miss Grand International, she set up a fashion company and obtained a licence to organise a national event in Macedonia. However, she sent herself as the official Miss Macedonia 2015”

7-Eleven clerk disarms shotgun-wielding robber: “A US convenience store clerk is being hailed a hero after he was caught on camera disarming a would-be robber who pointed a shotgun at his face. In the footage, the clerk at a 7-Eleven in Frederick, Maryland, never flinches as he grabs the barrel of the gun and wrestles it out of the suspect’s hand. Police obtained information the next day that led them to arrest 18-year-old Ryan Wages and charge him with the robbery attempt, Fox 5 DC reported Saturday. “(The man) pointed it at my employee and started screaming at my employee, screaming in his face, and (my employee) grabbed (the gun) and took it out of the guy’s hands,” store owner Abdul Ayub told the paper. “And the guy ran out of the store, so now the police have the gun and he didn’t get anything.” Deputies told the paper that they were able to determine that the shotgun wasn’t loaded”

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