A certain inconsistency

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Odd news from around the world

Florida man battles to keep his beloved 13-foot-long, pizza loving alligator after authorities tell him the 47-year-old reptile has got to go: “A 13-foot-long alligator who eats pizza and is nicknamed ‘Gwendolyn’ is too big to be a man’s pet anymore, it emerged this week. Now, David Van Buren, of Coconut Grove, Florida, is trying to hang on to his longtime companion of 47 years. Van Buren was a nine-year-old boy when he got the alligator, and went to college with him, according to a report from WSVN. He discovered that the ‘female’ reptile was in fact male after 20 years together, the TV station said. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Lorenzo Velo told WSVN: ‘Unfortunately, Gwendolyn the alligator is not in the proper caging it is supposed to be. ‘Mr. Van Buren has been advised about this right now, and at the moment, we are investigating the whole situation.’

A hedge worth crowing about! Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has watched over this cottage for 100 years: “When it comes to ruling the roost, Cockadoodle the sculpted yew has more experience than most. For well over 100 years, he has watched over this grade II-listed cottage thanks to successive owners who have passed down the topiary tradition. Today he is around 20ft tall – almost as high as the cottage – and has become so famous he is visited by tourists and schoolchildren. When he was first pictured in 1910, he was missing quite a few feathers, and by the middle of the 1920s, his head had been pruned to a few twigs. But now there’s not a gap to be seen in his plumage – and his spectacular comb is positively bristling with pride”

91-year-old woman fills out crossword that turns out to be $116k artwork in German museum: “A 91-year-old woman reportedly used a ballpoint pen to fill in the blank spaces on a $116,000 crossword artwork on display in a German museum. The work, by avant garde Danish artist Arthur Koepcke was on loan to the Nueus Museum in Nuremberg from a private collector, the BBC reported. The woman, who was visiting the museum with a group of seniors, reportedly told police she was following instructions on a sign next to the artwork, which read: “Insert words”. “The lady told us she had taken the notes as an invitation to complete the crossword,” a police spokesman told UK paper The Telegraph.

Confused kangaroos: “The story behind this photo is actually quite interesting. Turns out the photo was from last August in Tasmania. The person who took the pic was Bernadette Camus, a senior wildlife keeper at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary. Bonorong is about half an hour northeast of Hobart, and has lovely open range areas where native wildlife can roam. But the Bonorong kangaroos had never seen snow when this picture was taken. While the Tasmanian highlands see regular heavy snow each winter, Bonorong is down at sea level. Snow is extremely rare at that elevation. A white ground cover was news to the ‘roos. Turns out it was kangaroo feeding time. The roos weren’t too impressed that their grass was covered and were waiting not so patiently for some hay and pellets. “They were mainly just confused,” she explained. “They were actually pretty chill. They have fur so they would have been fine.”

Masked robber runs face-first into a glass door after storming an electrical goods store: “The 40-second clip begins with a hooded man lobbing a stone through the door before he and a second man run away. The robber hurtles into the shop when the door is smashed – knocking over a sign as he goes – and loots the till. He then makes his way along the shelves, pocketing several mobile phones. When he goes to make his getaway however he barges straight into the door and falls flat on his back. He then gets up and hastily runs out of the shop – but not before tripping one final time.

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