What is the most satisfying thing you have ever done to a really mean or rude person?

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When I was 17, I went camping at a beach one day, and decided to make a sand throne, to relax in, except… it wasn’t made entirely of sand, because it would collapse the moment I sat on it. So, I gathered some large stones nearby, arranged them neatly to form an chair, and then covered it with sand to even out the gaps so that it would be comfortable to sit in.

After 2 hours of toiling under the hot sun, the job was done, and I sat in my throne with a great sense of fulfilment. After a while, I retreated back to my tent nearby to rest.

As I stared out of my tent to enjoy the view of the beach and admire my handiwork, a young boy, around 10 of age, went to my throne and walked around it, inspecting it curiously. For a moment, I thought he was going to sit on it. But then, a mischievous glint shone in his eye and he backed away from it a few steps. Then, he dashed and swung a mighty kick! And… collapsed, clasping his foot and crying for his mom.

I stayed in my tent, with tears in my eyes trying to hold back the laughter, thinking “Served you right! “. It wasn’t intentional, but making a “sand” structure with stones was definitely the most satisfying passive aggressive thing I did to a troll who goes around kicking sand structures.

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Odd news from around the world

Chinese holidaymakers frolic on popular coast covered with algae: “As summer rolls around, the east Chinese city of Qingdao is again facing its annual invasion of florescent green algae that transforms its coastline into a large swathe of green. Despite the government’s best clean-up efforts, combating the algae that comes from the Yellow Sea is an uphill battle, with algae piling up on the Shandong Province city’s beaches. The source of headache for coastal officials is, however, quite the contrary for tourists, who are descending on the popular coast to do nothing less than heap the algae on themselves. Photos depict Chinese tourists plastering the algae on their bodies, with some going as far as to bury themselves in it entirely, reports the People’s Daily Online. Adults and children alike are seen frolicking along and posing for photos on the now algae-covered beach. Some have been photographed swimming in the murky waters, while others took in the unusually verdant views”

Greedy mouse gets trapped in a bird feeder after scoffing so many seeds he couldn’t fit back through the gap: “A couple were bemused when they returned home to find a mouse had eaten all the seeds in their bird feeder – and had become so bloated it couldn’t get back out. The tiny rodent had to be rescued, but not before an amusing image was snapped which shows its little face peering out from inside the contraption. They spotted the mouse in the bird feeder which was hanging on a metal frame at the rear end of their garden in South Shields, near Newcastle. Lisa, a bank cashier, believes the mouse could have been stuck for up to nine hours while they were out of the house. She said: ‘The top and bottom of the bird feeder was still attached so he must have got in through the little hole which he ended up peering out of”

Now THAT’S one way to prevent sunburn!: “Holidaymakers in China’s Shandong province have found an alternative to the classic combination of sunscreen and hat. Opting out of tanning, fair-skinned men, women and children visiting the sandy beaches of Qingdao have been sporting Face-Kinis. The brightly coloured protective item is similar to a balaclava and appears to be sewn out of waterproof fabrics. This facemask and swim hat hybrid may seem like a drastic measure to cut down on UV exposure, but it is a popular accessory on these shores. And, it been that way for years. Where some fashions come and go, this item, which was invented in 2004, has remained a staple with the region’s female bathers since reaching the mass market ten years ago. Covering every inch of the face, bar the eyes, nose and mouth, it effectively masks the wearer from the scorching heat of the region, which regularly reaches the mid-thirties in the summer. It has also been proposed that the city’s annual algae bloom and local jellyfish population may be fueling sales.

A woman missing for a week has been found in the roof cavity of a shoe store — alive: The family of a missing Sydney mother are breathing a sigh of relief today after she was found alive and well inside the roof cavity of a shore store in the city’s south. The 31-year-old mother of three, who suffers from an undisclosed medical condition, was last seen at the Paul’s Warehouse in Carlton at around 1:30pm on July 8, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. No closer to finding the Kingsgrove woman on Tuesday, police issued a public appeal for information, saying they held grave concerns for her welfare due to an undisclosed medical condition. She was discovered inside the attic at roughly 12:40 this afternoon, at which point she was taken to St George hospital and treated for dizziness. A NSW Ambulance spokeswoman today said the woman was not trapped and was able to make her own way out, reports The Sydney Morning Herald. Police are not treating her disappearance as suspicious”

Pa. police officer buys meal after man refused to sit by cops: “A Pittsburgh-area police officer bought a couple’s dinner after a man said he didn’t want to sit next to four cops at a restaurant Friday night. Homestead, Pa., Officer Chuck Thomas told ABC News he said “we won’t hurt you” but the man “looked at me hard again” and walked to a table on the other side of the Eat n’ Park diner. Thomas posted a photo to Facebook of the receipt for the $28.58 meal. “Sir, your check was paid for by the police officers that you didn’t want to sit next to,” he wrote in a handwritten note on the tab. “Thank you for your support. I left a $10.00 tip too.” The encounter happened the night after a sniper at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas killed five police officers. A server later told Thomas the couple seemed “thrown back by it” and laughed when they realized he paid.

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