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Odd news from around the world

Hero intervenes to save toddler from being beaten to death by her dad: “This courageous man almost definitely saved the little defenceless two year old girl’s life. When Don Gilbert walked outside his motel room armed with a baseball bat after hearing desperate screams – nothing could prepared him for what he was about to see. Kyle Holder, 32, was beating and kicking his 2-year-old daughter in the parking lot of the Sunnyside Motel. Don didn’t even hesitate to intervene when he saw the out-of-control man senselessly attacking his tiny defenceless little girl. “I hit him once in the back. He had the baby by his feet,” Don told American TV channel KPTV. “He took her to the curb and just slammed her down, and that’s when I cracked him in the skull three or four times.” Police said the girl’s father was out of control when they arrived and they were forced to use a Taser gun to subdue the crazed man. The toddler is in critical condition at a local hospital while her father is behind bars facing first degree attempted murder charges.

A fine fellow: “This monster snake was caught in a backyard in Australia, and no it’s not Pokemon-related. This enormous, three-metre python was found slithering about a resident’s garden in Cooroy Mountain, Queensland this week. That’s just shy of the length of a Nissan Micra to put it in perspective. The Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers were called in to remove the snake. Snake catcher, Lockie, said it was the oldest and largest coastal carpet python he had ever seen. “It would have easily been pushing the 9ft mark,” he said.”

The ISIS-busting bomb: RAF unveil new £105,000 Brimstone 2 missiles: “Britain’s new lethal weapon against barbaric Islamic State militants was yesterday unveiled by the Ministry of Defence. The £105,000 Brimstone 2 missile will destroy small, fast-moving targets from RAF Tornado GR4 jets flying over Iraq and Syria. More deadly than the standard laser-guided Brimstone missile, it has double the range, and can hit lone jihadists on motorbikes wearing suicide vests from more than 20 miles away. It has the same heavyweight punch as it is predecessor but its cutting-edge seeker system and more flexible guidance system means the missile can defeat more challenging targets. The missile can also hit them with greater accuracy which means it can discriminate between the target and other moving vehicles and civilians in ‘cluttered environments’”

Strange new fish: “Federal biologist Jay Orr never knows what’s going to come up in nets lowered to the ocean floor off Alaska’s remote Aleutian Islands, which separate the Bering Sea from the rest of the Pacific Ocean. Sometimes it’s stuff he has to name. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration biologist is part of a group that uses trawl nets to survey commercially important fish species such as cod in waters off Alaska. Sometimes those nets come up with things no one has seen before. With co-authors, Orr has discovered 14 kinds of new snailfish, a creature that can be found in tide pools but also in the deepest parts of the ocean. A dozen more new snailfish are waiting to be named. Snailfish have no scales, feel gelatinous and look like fat tadpoles. Aristotle described a Mediteranean variety found in ancient Greece as “sea slugs.” Many fish have pelvic fins on their bellies, just behind the gills. Most snailfish species, instead of pelvic fins, have a sucking disc that they use to cling to rocks”

The indestructible bridge: Engineers design ‘perfect’ arch they say can withstand anything: “Experts say they have come up with the ‘perfect’ bridge design that can withstand anything mother nature throws at it. In fact, the researchers at Warwick University say nature holds the key to their new design. It uses a design process called ‘form finding’ to produce a structure with no weak points. The question of how to build the optimal arch has been argued through history. This could, for the first time, lead to the design of bridges and buildings that can take any combination of permanent loading without generating complex stresses. Such structures will have enhanced safety, and long durability, without the need for repair or restructuring. Form-finding enables the design of rigid structures that follow a strong natural form – structures that are sustained by a force of pure compression or tension, with no bending stresses, which are the main points of weakness in other structures.

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