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Odd news from around the world

Brilliant slow-motion video shows two selfie-taking girls FREAK OUT in terror after spotting a wasp in their car: “The clip, a selfie video filmed by the girl in the front seat, is made even more hilarious by the fact that it plays in slow motion. It begins with the girl in the front seat pushing air between her lips to make them flap about before the other passenger suddenly appears over her left shoulder with a terrified expression. Blissfully unaware of what is going on, the blonde girl in front of the camera says something to her fellow passenger before continuing to blow air through her lips at the camera. Then, in the middle of making her silly face, the girl looks upwards to finally see the wasp, and initially looks dumbfounded. The clip ends as it pans to the side to reveal the other girl in the back also in the midst of an open-mouthed cry.

Horrifying moment a Skoda is impaled by dozens of bamboo poles falling off an overloaded truck: “Shocking footage shows the moment a car is impaled by dozens of bamboo poles that were on top of a truck in China. The bamboo poles can be seen falling onto the Skoda and piercing through the glass windows on July 7 in Ningbo, eastern China, reports the People’s Daily Online. The driver escaped with minor cuts and bruises. Footage shows the Skoda driving across the main busy road. It slows down to go over bumps in the road. The truck suddenly comes towards the car and tries to brake however it is heavily loaded with bamboo poles which are used to build scaffolding. The poles crash forwards into the car piercing the windows. According to reports, both windows on the left side of the car were completely shattered. The passenger can be seen getting out of the car unscathed.

Crocodile gives a snake a lift: “This brave snake scaled new heights of bravery when it hitched a lift from a crocodile. The thin green snake slithered up its new pal’s back and onto the top of it’s head, so it could get a better look of the path ahead. But the much bigger crocodile didn’t seem to mind, so its new travelling companion enjoyed the free ride around Tangerang, Indonesia. The surprise encounter was captured on camera by local photographer Thomas Chandra, who spent 20 minutes observing the pair. Mr Chandra said: “It looked to me like the snake was just playing with the crocodile when it climbed onto it’s head. “But the crocodile didn’t react and it seemed to enjoy it too. They stayed like this for about twenty minutes together. “Then after a while, the snake got off and returned to the ground, before slithering away.

Tourist faces deportation from Myanmar because of problematic tattoo: “ANY number of serious crimes could have you deported from your holiday destination, but one Spanish tourist is facing that consequence over a problematic tattoo. The tourist has reportedly been kicked out of Myanmar after local monks took offence to an exposed tattoo of Buddha on his leg. The man was detained in the ancient town of Bagan, which attracts thousands of tourists a year to its temples and pagodas. He was then sent to the major city of Yangon. “Monks in Bagan saw a Buddha tattoo on his right leg because he was wearing shorts. They informed us as it’s not appropriate,” a police officer in Bagan told AFP anonymously. “We will send him back because he violated the rules as a tourist here,” the official said.

Doberman saves toddler: “A NEGLECTED doberman adopted by a loving family last week has saved their toddler from being bitten by a deadly king brown snake. Seventeen-month-old Charlotte Svilicic was playing in the garden of the family’s Atherton home on Monday when Khan the doberman grabbed her by the back of the nappy [diaper] and threw her clear of the approaching snake. The heroic pooch was bitten by the snake after saving the toddler but is recovering after a dose of anti-venom. In an amazing twist, Khan’s breeder revealed his grandfather had saved a child in similar circumstances. Charlotte’s mother Catherine Svilicic yesterday told The Cairns Post Khan had saved the child’s life and the family would be forever indebted. “If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it,” Ms Svilicic said”

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