The joy of shopping again

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Odd news from around the world

A man is knocked down in the street by a drunk woman driving a Mercedes – before he gets up, lights a cigarette and walks away unharmed: “The dramatic moment a pedestrian was hit by a suspected drunk driver and thrown head-first 10 metres along the road has been captured on security video. Emergency services were called to Pitt Street in Sydney’s city centre at around 12.30am on Monday following reports a man had sustained head injuries after being hit by a car. The pedestrian was initially unresponsive and left bleeding on the ground after the collision, but remarkably was able to walk away with a lit cigarette before paramedics arrived to treat him. It’s believed he was concerned about paying for an ambulance. The 24-year-old driver of the white Mercedes 4WD, who returned a positive roadside breath test, was escorted to the police van by an officer who told her: ‘You are drunk, you do not deserve to be on the road the way you’re acting'”

CCTV footage shows the shocking moment a brave store worker fends off a thief with a PRICE GUN – as he tries to attack her with an electric pen: “A discount store clerk has been filmed bravely fending off a would-be thief as he tried to attack her with an electric shock pen. CCTV footage from Smiles Discounts in Mount Gravatt, in south-east Brisbane shows the 40-year-old clerk named Kiran standing at the register when a man attacks her. The offender is seen lunging at Kiran who instantly picks up a pricing gun to defend herself. The thief then reaches for the pricing gun, but the Smiles Discount store clerk, quickly fights back holding onto the device. Admitting defeat the stranger is seen running from the store empty handed with Kiran on his tail”

Woman jailed after using dog collar training device to give electric shocks to a toddler: “A former female soldier who used a dog training collar to inflict electric shocks on a toddler has been jailed for three years and four months. Lanna Monaghan, 34, who caused serious neck injuries to the boy, had seen the collar on a pet and said: ‘If it works on a dog, it will work on kids.’ But in the latest blow to the Named Person scheme it has emerged that though her victim had a state guardian it was the NSPCC children’s charity which reported Monaghan to the authorities after being contacted by her mother. Over 15 months, Monaghan also subjected the toddler to cold showers, bit and kicked him, and hit him so hard with a wooden spoon that it broke. The private hire car worker, who served in the Army for nine years, was said to have attacked the child as punishment for not eating his food or for urinating on the floor.

Nurse who stole 68-year-old grandfather’s £5,000 Rolex watch as he lay dying from a massive heart attack faces jail: “A nurse is facing jail after he stole a £5,000 Rolex watch from a dying grandfather. Joseph Miller, 40, pocketed the watch as medics fought to save the life of David Davies, 68, who was rushed to St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester after suffering a cardiac arrest. Months later Miller went to a jewellers in a bid to get the Submariner Rolex watch valued before offering it for sale. Today he appeared before Portsmouth Crown Court and pleaded guilty to stealing the watch while on duty in the hospital’s accident and emergency department. Judge Ian Pearson told the senior nurse that the crime was ‘serious’ and warned him he could face jail. Under current guidelines he could face a prison sentence of around two years”

Airlines demand supersize seats on new jets as passengers struggle with widening waists: “Passengers with ever-expanding waistlines will soon be able to fly in comfort as airlines demand bigger seats for larger customers. A new generation of jets is set to rectify the problem, and this weekend one of the first planes, Bombardier’s C-Series CS100, will be shown off at the Farnborough Airshow. The aircraft features seats which are larger than in most commercial passenger jets. Passengers in window and aisle seats will find an ample 18.5ins (47cm) in width, whilst customers in middle seats will have 19in. EasyJet currently offers snugger seats with a minimum of 17.5ins (44cm) in width available but Ryanair is even less generous with seats only up to 17ins wide. The first of the CS100 planes were delivered to Swiss International Air Lines last week – with one set for the Hampshire air show”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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