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This is my wife’s story, but it’s a good one…

Around 35 years ago, we were still dating. I left her apartment on my motorcycle and was on the 70-mile trek home.

My wife, uncharacteristically, was watching a horror movie on TV that was really scaring her. She regretted getting into this movie after I had left her apartment. The creepy, evil ‘bad guy’ in the movie was named “Victor.”

My wife was so scared that, when her phone rang, she nearly jumped out of her skin. What’s worse, when she answered the phone, a stranger’s voice calmly asked,

“Is Victor there?”

My wife SCREAMED, “WHO IS THIS???!!!”

Imagine the poor, innocent caller on the other end of the phone!

My wife was afraid to go to sleep that night …even after she told me the story on the phone. I have never known her to watch a horror movie by herself since.




Odd news from around the world

Terrified French backpackers asked police to SHOOT ‘a spider the size of a dinner plate’ after it crawled into their campervan in the Australian outback: “French backpackers were saved from ‘spiders the size of dinner plates’ by Queensland police. Two Mareeba officers were on patrol near Granite Creek in far north Queensland when they were flagged down by French backpackers. The startled backpackers said their campervan had been ‘invaded’ by spiders the size of dinner plates. Upon closer inspection by police only one spider needed to be removed from the vehicle. When the backpackers asked the two female officers to shoot the spider, the police informed the holiday makers their aim was good- but not that good”

High school girls left in shock after a diner secretly pays for their meal: “A group of highschool girls were ‘gobsmacked’ when a mysterious stranger paid for a large portion of their meal when they were enjoying a night out together. Lexie Higgins, 16, and her friends had treated themselves to the night out at the Royal Garden Restaurant in Wagga Wagga in New South Wales when they were surprised by the kind gesture. When the waiter at the restaurant brought over the cheque a heart-warming letter and $60 was in its place. The note read: ‘Hi, once when I was a student, a stranger paid my meal…Pay it forward girls. Carmel.’ ‘We were gobsmacked – we just didn’t know what to think. ‘I felt a big rush of emotions – I was relieved because my family is struggling with money so I could use that money to help dad pay for things,’ she added. The 16-year-old has a part-time job and often saves up to go out with her friends during the school term and said ‘friendship means a lot to us'”

Shallow woman loses her baubles: “Elizabeth Fox-Banos thought keeping her vast collection of jewels in a big red toolbox was the least likely place a thief would suspect to find them. But the raven-haired Sydney socialite confessed that when she found that everything from her diamonds to her emeralds had been stolen she was ‘devastated’. The Colombian-born spice heiress has called Sydney home for over 40 years and is well-known in the socialite community particularly during the 1980s and 1990s when she was most active. She said: ‘They took the lot … and I mean everything. All the diamonds, all the pearls, the gold, the emeralds … absolutely everything … I’m devastated.’ Although the jewels were worth more than a million dollars Fox-Banos admitted that their sentimental value was more important to her. Pictures of the jewellery released by Fox-Banos include butterfly earings studded with precious stones a pair of pearl earrings and what appear to be a gold bracelet and necklace”

South Korea: Participants fight off summer heat in massive water gun festival: “In a bid to beat the summer heat, South Koreans have taken part in a huge water gun fight in the streets of Seoul. The fight is part of the fourth Sinchon Water Gun Festival, which kicked off on July 9. Water fights have recently become popular summer festivities in Korea, according to local media. The festival, which is held in the Yonsei-ro area of Sinchon, runs for two days and also includes a grand parade and concert, according to the Visit Seoul website.

It’s the enchanted forest! Internet goes crazy over ‘magical wonderland’ found in a Chinese university: “With the lush trees, beautiful lighting and a mersmerising reflection, this set of pictures could come straight from a fairy tale story. In reality, this stunning scene was found yesterday on the campus of a Chinese university after the school was submerged in floodwaters brought by heavy storms. Although the weather has caused inconvenience to students and staff, Chinese social media users seemed to have taken more interest in the school’s watery views and have called the campus a ‘magical wonderland’, reported the People’s Daily Online. According to the report, the pictures were taken inside the Nanjing University of Science and Technology. Part of the campus, which is situated on the lower grounds, was flooded after the city had been battered by continuous torrential downpours for about three weeks”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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