How did that snail get there?

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Neither of them seem to know what to do about the situation




Odd news from around the world

Laid back New Zealand. Masked robber points a GUN at a kebab shop worker… but he ignores him to calmly finish serving a customer: “The masked robber walked into the takeaway shop in Christchurch on May 28 and put his bag down on the counter before pulling out a black handgun. Security footage shows the employee at the Souvlaki Shop appearing to be unfazed by the weapon as he continues wrapping up a kebab in a brown paper bag. The robber is then pushed to the side as the worker hands over the order to a customer seated inside the takeaway shop. The customers brushes past the masked man to collect his kebab and can be seen backing away out of the shop. The employee nonchalantly walks back to the kitchen and out of view of the CCTV camera. His calm exit forced the robber to pause for a few seconds before shrugging and leaving the store empty handed. Police in Christchurch released the CCTV footage in the hope of finding out who the masked man is”

Dutch airline to launch first ever service with draught beer ON TAP: “Dutch airline KLM is set to launch the first ever service with draught beer on tap. It confirmed that it has now succeeded in pouring the perfect pint at high altitude using an innovative dispenser. It was developed by Dutch brewing giant Heineken and KLM hopes to use the prototype on random intercontinental flights in its network. Edwin Griffioen, who designed the new installation, said: ‘Because the air pressure is so much lower in an aeroplane than at sea level, a traditional beer tap will not work as it will only dispense a huge amount of foam. ‘It was one big jigsaw puzzle, as the keg of beer, the cooling system and the air pressure compressor all had to fit in an airline catering trolley. ‘In the end we had to leave out one of those pieces to make it all fit, so with pain in our hearts we had to leave the cooling behind.'” The kegs of beer – four per flight – are now being delivered to Amsterdam Airport already cooled”

Inside the huge abandoned WWII mine buried deep under the Ural mountains: “Russian Mikhail Mishainik risked his life to take these pictures of an abandoned mine in the Ural mountains. It’s thought to have been built when World War II broke out, when the Soviet army was desperate for resources. Creeping along dank tunnels with a risk of gas leaks and landslides isn’t everyone’s idea of fun – but this explorer can’t get enough of it. The need for the minerals it produced dropped when hostilities ended and the mine closed – but the structure is still intact. There is plenty of risk involved in exploring it, though. The mine was built quickly, so the engineering of the supports may not be robust, and there is a potential for gas leaks from chemicals such as methane and hydrogen sulphide carbon dioxide. And there’s the aforementioned flooding, filled with debris”

Camper waves goodbye to brown bear as he leaves national park and can’t believe it when it RETURNS his farewell: “This is the amazing moment a man driving home after spending a weekend camping out in the wilderness is greeted farewell by a giant bear. Dylan Furst, 25, had spent the weekend in the Olympic National Park in Washington State when he came across the wonderful scene. As he passed the bear, he decided to salute it and wish it farewell. Furst visited the park with the express intention of looking at bears but he did not expect the response he received. The photographer, from Bellingham in Washington, said the bear was not threatening and was happy to interact with a human. ‘When I was leaving I said ‘goodbye bear!’ and waved at it, then he waved back. I couldn’t believe it. ‘I was no more than 10ft away from the bear, separated by a small wire fence. He didn’t seem threatening at all, and it was almost tempting to go up and hug him.”

12 die in giant Indonesian traffic jam: “Twelve people have died during a massive three-day traffic jam in Indonesia that stretched more than 20 kilometres (13 miles) and brought thousands of holidaymakers to a complete standstill, an official said on Friday. The horror traffic at a major highway junction at Brebes, a city on the main island of Java, was so bad that Indonesians dubbed the disastrous toll gate “Brexit”, from the words “Brebes exit”. Roads across the world’s most populous Muslim-majority country are choked every year at the end of the holy month of Ramadan, as millions head to villages to celebrate Eid, which fell on Wednesday. But the chaos at the “Brexit” junction this year was particularly acute in the three days before Eid, as tens of thousands of cars crammed the arterial highway, transport ministry spokesman Hemi Pramuraharjo told AFP. “In terms of this Brexit case, there’s been a total of 12 victims over different days,” he said. The deaths occurred between July 3 and July 5″

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