German shepherd in action

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Odd news from around the world

Take your dog for a swim: “Scientists have said dog owners worried about their pets’ joints should ditch daily walkies in favour of the doggy paddle. Experts say swimming is not only great exercise for dogs, but can also help improve their strides and treat elbow dysplasia – a genetic developmental abnormality, causing pain and loss of mobility. They say the treatment – coined ‘canine hydrotherapy’ – is particularly useful for Labrador and German Shepherd breeds, who are especially susceptible to the condition. Mobility is a huge issue for dogs suffering from forelimb lameness, affecting their ability to live a normal happy life. Hydrotherapy has been shown to be of huge benefit to dogs with, and without, mobility problems. Hydrotherapy has been shown to be of huge benefit to dogs with, and without, mobility problems”

Cab driver returns $187,000 in cash left in the back seat: “A lot of people have left things in Raymond “Buzzy” MacCausland’s cab over his 50 years of driving in and around Boston. So when a homeless man abandoned his backpack on the back seat early Saturday afternoon, MacCausland, 72, headed over to the hotel where the man had said he was staying. At the front desk, he unzipped the bag in search of the owner’s name. Instead, spilling out of the top were three thick stacks of cash — the tip of a $187,786.75 iceberg. Within hours, police found the owner at the hotel — a homeless man who had cashed a sizable inheritance check and tucked it away in his backpack. The man had learned just days earlier that his recently deceased parents had unexpectedly left him hundreds of thousands of dollars. No bank would cash the check, he said, so he went to a check-cashing store and stuffed the money into his backpack. “I knew he’d find me,” the man said. “I didn’t panic at all.” He said he could tell from his brief talk with MacCausland that he was a good man — an “old soul” like himself”

Snowflake Mexican reporter fired after locals carry her through flood waters: “A TV reporter caught on film being rescued from a puddle by townspeople in Mexico has been fired for apparently caring more about her shoes than the story she was there to cover. Lydia Cummings, 24, was in the city of Puebla in central Mexico in late June when she was photographed getting ferried over a flooded street by a man and a woman. She can be seen with her arms wrapped around both of their shoulders, clutching a microphone in one hand and a pink cellphone in the other, as the two townspeople hoisted her up from her legs, with their feet completely submerged in the murky floodwater. The picture went viral almost instantly with the hashtag #LadyReportera and became the subject of dozens of hilarious memes.

Snowflake British garbage collectors: “A father said his local bin men should be ‘ashamed’ after he filmed his nine-year-old daughter moving a wheelie bin they refused to collect – after branding it too heavy. Firefighter Paul McMillan said he took the footage to embarrass the refuse collectors who he suggested had gone soft compared to the bin men of the past who used to carry rubbish away on their backs. He insisted there was nothing unusual in the bin and that there was still space inside when he put it out to be emptied in Cheylesmore, Coventry, on Tuesday. But when he returned later that day a sticker had been placed on the un-emptied container informing him that the bin was too heavy to be collected. To prove just how manageable the bin was, he asked daughter Lacey to show the council workers how it’s done”

Couple come home to find a KOALA relaxing on a their couch and warming himself by the heater: “A couple has been left lost for words after coming home to find a furry house guest taking up residence on their couch. Michele Goodman and Vicki Haines, returned to their Soldiers Point home in the New South Wales Hunter Valley on Tuesday night to find a koala warming himself up in front their heater. ‘It looked exactly like he was watching TV,’ Michele told KO FM. ‘He was facing the TV, sitting in front of the heater. It was very cute.’ While the koalas appears cute and cuddly, they have been known to act aggressively, especially when feeling threatened. ‘The dog was barking at him and I could see him get his claws ready to attack the dog,’ Michele said. ‘I wasn’t too keen to get to close to him.’ After a couple of calls, they got in touch with the Hunter Koala Preservation Society. While they waited 90 minutes for the koala to be collected, Michele and Vicki took some snaps of their furry house guest.”

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