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Odd news from around the world

Enraged son calls the police on his father for burning his stash of cannabis plants: “A man in the Northern Territory called the police on his father after he destroyed his stash of cannabis plants. Officers were called to a home in Humpty Doo, about 40 kilometres from Darwin, after the pair had a fight at the family home. ‘As retribution his father burnt the son’s prized cannabis plants in a bonfire on the property,’ Duty Superintendent Louise Jorgensen said. ‘The son was indignant and enraged,’ Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said. Police also said the son was not concerned about dobbing himself in for possessing cannabis, but ‘He seemed to believe that the destruction of the same was far worse than the possession’. As the cannabis was destroyed when it was thrown into the bonfire, no charges have been laid. ‘The evidence has been destroyed. Along with his reputation,’ Duty Superintendent Jorgensen said. The son has now moved out of the family home to live with relatives”

Eating in keeps you slim! Home-cooked meals ‘slash risk of type 2 diabetes by 15%’
: “Eating in could keep you slim and cut your risk of diabetes. Research shows that people who normally have their dinner at home are thinner than their counterparts who like to dine out. And their risk of diabetes is cut by up to 15 per cent. Nipping home for lunch is also good for health, the study found. The researchers, from the Harvard School of Public Health, said that home-cooked meals are likely to be healthier than those eaten out. The condition, which is fuelled by obesity, eats up a tenth of the NHS’s budget and leads to disabling and life-threatening complications from stroke and heart attacks, to blindness and circulatory problems that lead to limbs being amputated. Researcher Geng Zong tracked the health of almost 100,000 middle-aged men and women for up to 26 years. The volunteers were quizzed on their diet and lifestyle as well as where they ate their meals. All were free of diabetes at the start of the study but, by the end, more than 9,000 had developed the condition”

Oddball sparks interest: “A Melbourne ‘hipster’ with a penchant for Kmart couture and Chanel capes has found himself an online following of admirers almost overnight. Samuel Davide Hains was featured in a street style Q&A where he was photographed in a pair of Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls, worn back to front, and a beret gifted to him by his uncle. His unique response prompted the story to go viral on social media. In his interview he described his style as ‘bucolic socialist with improvised elements (like jazz)’, and declared he would ‘never be caught dead’ in ‘neo-hippie “bush-doof” couture, a small, inefficient beanie, or anything less than extraordinary’. ‘I admire the style of Trotsky in leather, Albert Einstein, John Coltrane,’ he said. ‘I’m not only inspired by people, but places and ideas. In his street style piece Samuel admitted his favourite store was discount retail giant Kmart, but he liked to pair his bargain pieces with fashion favourites like his Chanel cape. The admission has many calling him the ultimate hipster”

Watermelon boy: “With his cheeky smile and adorable outfit, this little boy seems to carry an irresistible charm. In fact, the two-year-old from the city of Chongqing is the latest internet star in China after he was pictured helping his father, a fruit seller, harvest watermelons. The boy’s father, surnamed Zhang, arranged the pictures to be taken before uploading them on social media, according to Chinese media. The fruit farmer, from Yongchuan District of Chongqing, hoped the heart-warming images could attract more people to buy his watermelons. In the photos, the boy, who remains unnamed, wore a traditional Chinese robe and carried a little bamboo basket on his back. In one picture, he was trying to pick up a melon while grimacing; in the other, he seemed to gesture how big the fruit was to himself. The boy’s hard work was awarded later as he was seen enjoying a slice of the fruit while sitting on a bamboo chair.

Furious passengers delayed for SEVEN HOURS after woman demanded to get off flight because she wanted ‘to get a divorce’: “Over 500 passengers were left stranded for seven hours after one woman’s impromptu decision to change her relationship status. The travellers were forced off a flight – which was heading from Moscow to Vladivostok, Russia, on Monday – as one woman on-board decided she needed a divorce, pronto. Witnesses claim that while the plane was taxiing she demanded to be let off the flight and repeated over and over again: ‘I am not in the mood to fly now.’ Due to safety regulations, everyone was forced to exit the plane, too, and have their luggage security-screened again, which prompted the long delay, according to Russian news agency RIA Novosti. Irked passengers took photos and videos of families and elderly travellers disembarking at Moscow’s Vnukovo Airport. They raged at the airline, asking them to punish the divorcee-to-be for the inconvenience”

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