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Odd news from around the world

Chicken attacks a python trying to eat her eggs – and WINS: “The chicken, named ‘Chook Chook’ woke in the middle of the night to find a water python with its mouth around one of the eggs she had laid in a pot plant in Townsville, Queensland. Woken up by the light from Ms Rewald’s camera, Chook Chook soon appears. ‘She’s gonna have a go at it,’ Ms Rewald says. Chook Chook pokes her head above the pot plant where the snake is feeding on her eggs and pecks it before a frantic fight breaks out between the two. The chicken manages to scare the snake off but the victory is bittersweet as the snake had destroyed some of her eggs

Mysterious ‘ghost fish’ discovered 8,200 feet under the sea in the world’s deepest trench: “The deepest parts of the ocean are so different to the surface that they are home to a host of unusual and mysterious creatures. One of these alien-like creatures has come to light recently, in a video filmed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. A ‘ghost’ fish has been caught on camera, marking the first time a fish in the Aphyonidae family has been seen alive. The pale fish looks almost like an alien creature with its yellow eyes. ‘This is the first time a fish in this family has ever been seen alive,’ said Bruce Mundy, fishery biologist with the NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service. ‘This is really an unusual sighting.’ Seen while exploring a ridge feature at a depth of around 8,200 feet (2,500 metres), the fish measured about 0.3 feet (10 centimetres) long. It is in the same order (Ophidiiformes) as cusk eels, but belongs to a distinct family (Aphyonidae).”

‘It’s a giant toilet’: Chinese school ridiculed by web users after unveiling new building: “People have been making fun of a university building in Zhengzhou, China with some internet users comparing it to a toilet. The building will house the Students’ Employment Centre at the North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power, reports the People’s Daily Online. The structure is a new addition to the university and has not yet been put to use. The circular building has an unfortunate blue roofed shed on top which adds to the look of a toilet. According to Chinese media, the toilet has been touted as a new state of the art space for students who will be able to enjoy plenty of sunlight in the cylindrical section of the building. Earlier this year, China’s State Council issued new guidelines on urban planning that will curb the construction of ‘weird and odd shaped buildings’ in the country”

A slothful smile: “A smiling sloth has unwittingly managed to become the poster boy for the universally mocked selfie stick after a tourist snapped a picture of himself with one of the animals while on a jungle trek. The young man spotted the typically shy animal while travelling through a rain forest and used his phone to grab a picture with the animal. Sloths are hard to spot, let alone take pictures with, as they rarely venture onto the ground. They prefer to hang upside-down in Cecropia trees, as the buds, shoots and leaves make up the bulk of their diet. As they mainly spend their time moving slowly while high up in the branches, they are very good at avoiding predators, but it also makes them tough to spot. It has also made them celebrities among nature-loving tourists. But thanks to a selfie stick, this tourist was able to take a photo of himself with a sloth without disturbing the animal, which he uploaded to the Russian social media network Pikabu”

New Zealand village where you can buy a two-bedroom house for £64,000 complete with its own small holding, there’s green as far as the eye can see, and more jobs than PEOPLE: “A tiny New Zealand town that offered property for bargain prices in a bid to attract more people has been swamped with more than 5,000 inquiries from around the world. Clutha District Mayor Bryan Cadogan said the South Island township of Kaitangata had more jobs than people, with a population of 800 but up to 1,000 vacancies, mostly in the thriving agricultural sector. To boost its population, the town has been offering house-and-land packages for £124,000 – a good deal considering the national average is £311,000, rising to £516,000 in Auckland. The only downside for those moving to the area that it is only approximately 1,500 miles from the Antarctic and its about a five hour drive from Christchurch, which is approximately 30 hours flight time from London”

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  1. That’s terrible! I love it! (Am I going straight to the hot place?)

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