More postcard fun from the ’50s

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Odd news from around the world

Need a pay rise? Eat the same food as your boss: “If you want to convince the boss you deserve a pay rise or promotion, the solution could be simple – eat the same food they do. Psychologists have discovered managers – and even total strangers – are much more likely to instantly trust us if we choose the same dishes as them. During experiments, discussions over wages and work conditions were much more successful if both sides chose to snack on the same treats. And shoppers were much more likely to buy a product advertised on TV by someone eating a similar food to them at the time. The reason is thought to be so-called similarity attraction theory – where people tend to like others who have similar tastes or habits to themselves. But this is believed to be one of the first studies highlighting the role of food in this relationship”

Cute Australian wild dogs: “A pair of proud parents at the Australian Reptile Park, on the NSW central coast, have welcomed the arrival of five fuzzy and very cute dingo pups. Mum and dad Adina and Fred surpassed expectations with their larger-than-usual litter of three male and two female pups, bred in captivity over the autumn months. The youngsters will be fully reliant on their mum for the next few weeks before they venture out of their den to meet winter school holiday makers later this month. Young dingoes stick close to their parents for several years before moving on to find their own mates. The golden fur-balls are likely to grow to a medium size and weight between 15 to 20 kilos. Dingoes arrived in Australia from Asia several thousand years ago were speculated to be brought over by indigenous Australians or seafaring people from Indonesia, the park’s website read. The species is spread across Australia inhabiting a wide range of areas with the exception of Tasmania”

‘Dying cat’ rushed to vets by animal lover turns out to be a toy dog: “A ‘dying cat’ which was rushed in to a veterinary clinic by a worried animal lover turned out to be a hand puppet. Vets and nurses sprang into action when they were told the ‘cat’ was in a critical condition. But when staff opened up the box they discovered it was just a wet and muddy cuddly toy for children. The ‘very sad’ animal lover had even wrapped up what they thought was an animal in a blanket. Steve Byrne, manager of the animal shelter on the island of Guernsey, told The Huffington Post: ‘When I returned to say what it was, first there was disbelief and then we had a very light hearted moment and joked about it and was extremely relieved to find that they had worried over a cuddly toy.’ The shelter staff now hope to reunite the, now cleaned up puppet, with its owner”

Bizarre trend sees pre-schools hosting PROMS for four-year-olds, complete with lavish gowns and tuxes, limos, DJs, and puppy-love dates: “Kids, they grow up so fast. And some schools seem to be keen on speeding up the process by hosting full-scale proms for pre-K classes. And these aren’t just last-day-of-school pizza parties, either. The strangest trend in fetes for four-year-olds sees these tots dressed to the nines in tuxedos and ball gowns, riding in limos, and even taking dates to the surprisingly decadent celebrations. But while some parents are having fun casting their little ones in more grown-up roles — at least for the day — others are troubled by the trend, charging that it’s forcing kids to grow up too quickly and putting too much pressure on moms and dads. Perhaps the best part of the pre-K prom trend is that it makes for some pretty cute pictures, with little boys and girls done up in their spiffiest attire”

‘Peter Pan’ sand cats that will always look like kittens … but these snake-hunting felines are not as sweet as they seem: “Meet the cute Peter Pan cats that will always look like kittens. Sand cats, which are native to deserts in North Africa, will forever look youthful and innocent – but that doesn’t mean they are nicer than your average cat. They are quite feisty and are known to hunt snakes in the wild. They have long hairs covering their feet, so their paws don’t burn from the hot sands. Sand cats are nocturnal animals and spend the days under shrubs to avoid the heat. The sand cat (Felis margarita) has been listed as a ‘threatened species’ by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The felines are often collected for illegal pet trade in the Middle East and are often shot for ‘sport'”

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  1. As an old Aussie farmer I believe that the only good Dingo is a dead one having seen the after effects of attacks on sheep and calves. Shame on anyone breeding and promoting them.

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