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Odd news from around the world

‘Mad’ scientist creates a powerful laser bazooka out of spare parts: “Using scrap parts and broken electronics, Youtuber styropyro built a portable laser bazooka that produces a 200-watt beam of light. Considering the FDA limit is .005 watts, this monstrous death ray is about 400 times over the most dangerous rating imposed by the agency. The FDA limit of .005 watts is the highest range – where a quick flash in someone’s eyes should not do any damage. However, laboratories have access to much stronger devices that reach .5 watts, which is deemed the highest safety rating for a laser. But, at that intensity, if you look at the glowing dot on the wall it can cause harm to your eyes.

Richard Branson calls fellow billionaire Roman Abramovich’s lavish spending ‘a waste of money’ and ‘sad’: “He’s one of the world’s best entrepreneurs. But billionaire businessman Sir Richard Branson says it makes him ‘sad’ when the rich don’t care for the poor. Speaking in the upcoming issue of Collective Hub, Branson talks everything from Keith Richards to being taken to court for swearing. But he also takes a swipe at one of Russia’s richest men, Roman Abramovich, who has become infamous for owning yachts worth more than $3 billion. ‘I think it’s sad when people make a lot of money and they want the biggest boat or the biggest car or the biggest plane,’ Branson said. ‘If they would only realise that happiness comes from people and your family and friends. ‘He’s got six yachts which are just gigantic and you think, “What a waste of money”. He could transform so many people’s lives if he put that money to good use”

Library Cat’s Job Is Saved: “Why the city council of White Settlement, Texas, decided to fire Browser, mascot and rodent hunter of the public library is not clear, but the vote two weeks ago was 2-1 to banish Browser. Friday, under an avalanche of complaints, the council members decided unanimously that Browser could stay. Browser got his job six years ago when the library had a problem with rodents. By all accounts, he was a big success and nestled into library-goers hearts. Council member Steve Ott is quoted as expressing concern about people who might be allergic to cat dander. As Mayor Ron White tells it, according to the Associated Press, the cat was targeted in retaliation when a city worker was denied permission to bring a puppy to city hall. Browser’s supporters began a petition drive, and of course the Internet got involved, and more than 1,000 messages from around the world later, the council voted again unanimously to keep Browser.”

Is this Britain’s vainest man? Aspiring model spends £1,000 a month on cosmetics, tan injections and even tried to shrink his FEET: “An aspiring male model who spends £1000 on his looks every month has told of how his spending sprees on cosmetics, botox and tanning injections left him bankrupt. Ryan Staveley, 25, from Manchester began his beauty addiction after being dumped by his girlfriend of 12 years, and admitted to racking up £22,000 worth of debt on store cards alone. The fashion and cosmetics manager even confessed to using ancient mutilation techniques to shrink his own feet in his desperate quest to become a ‘perfect 10’ – because his feet didn’t suit his favourite tailored trousers. ‘I had a tough start in life and was adopted by my grandparents when I was young, I never had the finer things, and despite working in fashion and cosmetics I always looked on from the other side. ‘I started making myself look perfect to find myself a new woman and pursue a career in modelling.'” [Where did he get that jacket? From a charity store?]

Frog rides on tortoise’s back: “They’re not known for being the speediest of animals. So it’s surprising that this frog chose a tortoise of all creatures to give him a lift as he made his way through a garden. The frog looked very smug to be allowed onto the tortoise’s back in the garden in Indonesia. But before long it became sick of the tortoise’s slow progress. Unhappy with the slow progress it was making sat on the unassuming tortoise’s shell, the frog took matters into its own hands by giving it a shove. The scenes were snapped by amateur photographer Suherman Buntoro in his back garden in Tangerang, a small city near Jakarta, Indonesia”

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