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Odd news from around the world

Local council in Spain discovers gardener and driver haven’t done a day’s work in 15 YEARS despite being on full pay: “A local council has been left stunned after discovering that one of their drivers and a gardener may not have worked a day for 15 years despite remaining on the payroll. Officials in the Spanish town of Jerez de la Frontera know for certain that the two men had all of 2015 off and have not turned up for duty so far this year. But a deeper investigation has revealed that this might have been going on for a decade and a half, possibly with the knowledge of their union which is defending the municipal workers. They claim they are simply being persecuted and were entitled to time off under a work-share agreement, with their hours covered by other staff. The unusual situation came to light during a study by the council which was concerned about sickness and absenteeism”

Carpenter who slashed open his stomach while cutting timber with an electric grinder is saved by his hulking frame: “A carpenter who slashed open his stomach with the blade of a 12cm long grinder was spared potentially fatal injuries by his hulking frame. Hungarian Laszlo Toth was cutting timber on the Gold Coast’s Ashmore on Wednesday when he lost control of the handheld power tool, gashing his abdomen but eluding injury to his vital organs. And while most would probably plunge into shock after the grisly accident, he chose to see the lighter side of things by drawing a set of eyes above the wound, turning it in into a smiley face. Labourer Shane Cochrane leaped to his bosses rescue when he saw wrestling the grinder out of his belly, according to Gold Coast Bulletin. ‘The grinder must have kicked back and caught in his shirt and cut up his guts. ‘It’s lucky he’s a big guy, otherwise it could have could have hit his ribs or maybe even hit his lung.

Research shows women go for men who have female friends: “Women are more attracted to men who surround themselves with other attractive women, a study found. Their presence gives men a ‘halo effect’ which confirms he is suitably dating material, and they need look no further. The effect – known as ‘mate choice copying’ in the animal kingdom – is so strong that in America so-called ‘wing women’ can be hired to enhance a man’s appeal in bars and at clubs. The study, led by psychologist Dr Sarah Hill of Texas Christian University, Fort Worth, found: ‘Women find men more desirable when they appear to be desired by other women. ‘Women use the presence of a man’s mate as a cue to his own quality. ‘Females observe a romantic or sexual interaction between a male and another female – a model female – and preferentially choose that male as a mate.’

‘Horrific’ new species of centipede measures 8 inches long, swims like an EEL and delivers a painful, venomous bite: “A terrifying new species of giant centipede may have you second-guessing your next trip to the lake. Scientists have described the first known amphibious centipede, which can move between land and water, and swims ‘powerfully’ like an eel. The eight-inch venomous centipede looks like it could have crawled straight out of your nightmares – with many long legs and greenish-black coloration, even entomologists are calling it ‘horrific.’ Named Scolopendra cataracta, from the Latin word for waterfall, the giant centipede is found in Southeast Asia and is thought to prowl the water at night hunting for aquatic or amphibious prey. The researchers say it behaves differently than all other Scolopendra centipedes, which hunt on land. These creatures are venomous and carnivorous, and though a bite likely wouldn’t be fatal, it would be extremely painful.

New tarantula discovered in Colombia uses ‘stinging hairs’ to attack its enemies head on: “A new type of tarantula discovered in Colombia may be the first in its subfamily to prefer hand-to-hand combat with its enemies. The spider is equipped with defensive hairs that can be used to directly attack an enemy, stinging them upon contact, the researchers say. Other tarantulas in the subfamily also have these ‘stinging hairs,’ but they are typically launched in a ball toward the target, and can cause fatal injuries to small mammals. It was discovered in Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia, and has now been formally named Kankuamo marquezi. The ‘urticating’ hairs formed a small, oval patch of lance-shaped barbs, which the scientists predict have evolved as a way to defend the tarantula through direct contact. Researchers say this defense tactic is different than that used by other members of the subfamily.

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