Poland should have won

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European soccer quarter finals




Odd news from around the world

Shock study finds Beijing sinking at ‘alarming rate’: “IT’S one of the world’s most important, vibrant cities and home to 20 million people, but Beijing is literally collapsing under the weight of its own economic success. Research has revealed that parts of the city are sinking at an alarming rate — by as much as 11cm per year — because of the overconsumption of groundwater. The findings, published this month in the journal Remote Sensing, reveal the rate of sinking threatens “the safety of the public and urban infrastructure”. Uneven sinking prove catastrophic for the city’s train network, buildings and other major structures, the study found. Specialists from China, Spain and Germany worked with the National Natural Science Foundation of China to analyse data from thousands of satellite images and global positioning sensors, tracking changes in the ground level from 2003 to 2011.
They found that the city’s Chaoyang district in the business heart of Beijing, is the worst affected, sinking at an annual rate of 11cm”

That wonderful airport security at work: “A British father is said to have travelled from the UK to Spain using his 12-year-old daughter’s passport after mistakenly picking it up instead of his own. Billy Stevenson, 38, only realised his error after travelling from Stansted Airport in Essex to Malaga for a holiday. He and wife Clare, 34, flew with the budget airline Ryanair at 6.30am on June 9, but claim Mr Stevenson was allowed onto the plane with his daughter Ellen’s passport. Mrs Stevenson, from Welling, Hertfordshire, said the only time the couple’s passports were checked was at the gate as the boarded the plane. She said: ‘It wasn’t until we got to Spain and realised we had Ellen’s passport. ‘We were standing in the queue at immigration and were worrying we wouldn’t be let into the country. ‘The police took us down this corridor into the little police station and they kept asking where the child was. ‘We were explaining she wasn’t with us, she was at school.’ Mrs Stevenson said the couple’s romantic trip away, while their children were with their uncle, was ruined”

Swedish blogger summons herd of cows using ancient call: ‘Until the cows come home’ is a famous saying which usually refers to something that takes a very long time. But clearly it does not apply to this Swedish cow caller who has mastered the art of summoning forth the herd in record time. The footage shows artist and photographer Jonna Jinton, 26, making full use of an ancient Swedish herding call to request the presence of the cows. Grazing off in the distance the herd immediately prick up their ears at the sound of Jonna’s voice. Although they do not exactly sprint across the field they wonder over as quickly as could be expected for such cumbrous animals. They crowd around the caller and attentively listen to her mystical chants. She wrote: ‘The cows came running and I loved the feeling… although they also took with them millions of tiny gnats and mosquitoes”

Couple who bought 98ft of fabric to cover their wedding chairs are given a 15ft long receipt: “A couple who bought 98ft of fabric to cover their wedding chairs were stunned to be handed a 15ft long receipt. Kerry Brown, 29, from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, bought the material for £50.97 at The Range for her upcoming wedding to her fiance Mike Day, 35, in March. She was shocked to find the till processed the receipt in individual four-inch increments. Mr Day posted a video of the mammoth slip on Instagram, saying: ‘Ouch. @therangeuk put through 30m of material in 10cm increments. Longest receipt ever. £long’. And the couple even have two receipts – as the shop gave them an identical one to pick the material up with. When laid flat out, the receipts stretch the length of their front room. Mr Day, a digital marketing manager, said: ‘We tried to measure it and the tape measure wasn’t big enough. ‘The shop were really nice about it to be fair. I don’t think we can believe the interest in a receipt.”

Father dresses baby daughter in a very smart outfit: “When it comes to dressing their daughters, fathers don’t always get it quite right. Mother-of-two, Brooke Hawley-Basso, found this out first hand when she had a job interview and left the responsibility of dressing her baby girl Olivia, seven months, in the hands of her husband Jeremy. When Mrs Hawley-Basso, from Indiana, picked up little Olivia from daycare at the end of the day, she found her shirtless in a pair of navy overalls. ‘He thought it was a tank top of some sort because I didn’t have it hanging up with the shirt,’ Mrs Hawley-Basso told Daily Mail. ‘So next time, I’ll lay the clothes out for him.’ Despite the fashion faux pas, the little girl looked more than happy in her get-up, with the adorable baby snapped laughing and posing it up in her new look.

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