This was told by a former 911 dispatcher, who swears it is true:

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Caller (elderly lady): I want to report public obscenity and profanity.

911: What is the location, ma’am?

Caller: Just below my 2nd floor apartment windows, on the sidewalk. The address is …

911: And what is the nature of the disturbance, exactly?

Caller: It’s a man, and he is whistling dirty songs.

911: A moment of silence. Then laughter. “I’ll have someone look into it, ma’am. Thanks for calling.”

(You may need to think about that last one – but not for too long, I hope.)




Odd news from around the world

Scientists squeeze last drops of shampoo out of bottle with bio-inspired surface: “Scientists have taken a leaf out of nature to design a bio-inspired surface that ensures sticky liquids like shampoo and detergent slide cleanly out of their bottles. One of the most inspiring slippery surfaces in nature is the lotus leaf, which is famous for its ability to repel water. Whether a liquid — like water or shampoo — slides along a surface depends on surface energy and surface tension: the surface must have a lower energy than the surface tension of the liquid sliding down it. Water has a high surface tension, but the challenge with shampoo and detergent is that they are specifically designed to lower the surface tension of any liquid they are added to. This is what makes them so sticky, and so hard to extract from a bottle. [You just stand them upside down]

What’s going on with this surreal waterhole in Portugal?: “IT APPEARS as a kind of magical portal to a watery underworld. This mesmerising whirlpool, known as Covao do Conchos, has churned away for 60 years in the middle of an otherwise tranquil body of water among the mountains of the Serra de Estrela in Portugal. And this breathtaking drone footage has provided a closer look at the phenomenon, which is so surreal it’s been compared to a mythical sea monster in Homer’s The Odyssey. Anyone searching for a mystical gateway to another dimension might be disappointed from here. The Covao de Conchos is entirely human-made. It’s actually part of a hydro-electric dam system that was built in 1955. The 1500m-long hole simply funnels water from the lake to the Lagoa Comprida dam at Flores Island. But with adornments of moss and foliage around the entry to the watery tunnel, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a natural, if slightly otherworldly, attraction”

The best countries to live in, according to millennials: “In partnership with brand strategy firm BAV and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, US News & World Report compiled a list of the best countries to live in, according to millennials — which they defined as adults less than 35 years old. The ranking was determined by how nearly 6,000 millennials in four regions — the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East, and Africa — responded to the survey prompt of whether a particular country “is a place I would live.” Australia, the adventurer’s paradise, came in at No. 1, followed by Canada in second and Italy in third”

Fearless man corners a GIANT spider and removes it from a wall on his hand: “Unlike other videos where people attempt to trap spiders with speed, only to miss and then see the creature scuttle away, the man works slowly and calmly. He moves his hands increasingly closer to the spider without making any sudden movements before touching one of its many legs with his fingers. Without pulling his arms away he then keeps his right hand in front of the spider as it starts to walk towards him and takes a step onto his fingers. He then waits until the entire creature is standing on the back of his hand before gently removing it – along with the spider – from the wall. The video concludes with the man transferring the terrifying creature, which clings onto his wrist and tries to escape, to a see-through plastic box before closing it inside.

Is the world’s biggest ever crocodile stalking a township in Australia’s wild North?: “A monster crocodile that measures an astonishing nine metres [30′] from snout to tail is believed to be lurking beneath murky creek waters in far North Queensland. Papanine Patterson claims his uncles were riding through the scrub when they spotted the massive nine-mete reptile in Normaton, west of Cairns, and he is certain the ‘dinosaur’ is still close by. But while a few people have claimed to see it, the elusive crocodile – which he said is large enough to ‘take a tin boat’ – has never been photographed. Ms Johnston and her partner Mick caught a 4.93 metre crocodile earlier this year in the Northern Territory, but said the largest crocodile she has ever seen was in Papua New Guinea. The beast was 6.4 metres long and had stalked, killed and eater 13 people in the local village”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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