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Odd news from around the world

A loss that many will celebrate: “Controversial Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green lost around £365m on Friday as Britain’s decision to leave the EU took its toll on the financial world. The 15 richest people in the UK lost around £4bn during yesterday’s turmoil, with under-fire Arcadia boss Sir Philip one of the biggest losers. By the end of the day, his net worth had fallen by almost $500m (£365m) as the pound slumped to a 30-year low, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Earlier this month, Sir Philip was grilled by MPs in a marathon session in the House of Commons over his role in the demise of BHS, which he sold for £1 last year. There have been calls for Sir Philip to be stripped of his knighthood and the inquiry into BHS’s fall has now spread to include his wife, Lady Green”.

Pedestrians politely queue to cross giant puddle using a bridge of newspapers: “Londoners have once again proved themselves to be both resourceful and practical in the face of adversity. An amusing video shows commuters crossing over a giant puddle… using a bridge made out of newspapers. The pool of water had amassed near Victoria Station during a day of heavy rain on Monday and was proving an insurmountable obstacle to pedestrians until some bright spark had the excellent idea of creating the overpass. The construction was cleverly made out of multiple Evening Standard papers piled up, growing thicker in the middle. And, as the footage shows, the bridge is surprisingly sturdy – with numerous commuters travelling over it without a sign of disintegration. And, in traditional British style, commuters were even queuing up to use it”

Canadian woman, 38, is hit on the head by a drone after it fell out of the sky: “A woman watching a 5K [a long-distance road running competition] in Quebec was knocked unconscious and had to be rushed to the hospital after a drone fell out of the sky and hit her on the head. Stéphanie Creignou, 38, suffered whiplash after the drone dropped out of the air and crashed down on to her head on June 11. She was knocked out by the impact and taken to a nearby medical facility. The 2.7-pound DJI Phantom 3 drone was being operated by Rosaire Turcotte who said he has no idea why the device fell out of the air. A video of the accident shows a white whirring drone falling out of the air and landing squarely on Creignou’s head as she walks by a huge crowd of people. Her friend catches her as she’s knocked unconscious”. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the crash, which allegedly violated regulations and policies that are intended to prevent these incidents.

Huge flying boat. The Dornier Do-X aircraft cruised the sky and seas in the 1920s: “In July 1929 a symbol of luxury air and sea travel took its first flight. Known as a flying boat the Dornier Do-X, which took its name from its designer Dr Claudius Dornier, could soar through the skies and skim through the seas. It provided a glamorous way to see the world as the 70-100 passengers onboard were treated to a dining salon, smoking lounge, wet bar and comfortable seating. However, passengers were integral in helping the captain bank into turns by moving from one side of the cabin to another whenever necessary. Weighing 61 tones and with a wingspan of 177 feet, it was a massive craft that had over 12 engines and could reach an altitude of 1650 feet. Though it was financed by the German Transport ministry it had to be build in Switzerland as a section of the Treaty of Versailles forbade Germany from manufacturing certain types of airplanes”

Sydney woman rejects $26m offer on home: “An 82-year-old woman has knocked back an offer of $26m for her home in northwestern Sydney, saying she simply doesn’t want to sell up. Ruth, a retired school teacher who did not want her surname to be disclosed, lives on a 2500 square metre block in Castle Hill, opposite the planned train station, reports. Across the road a consolidated block of five properties sold in late 2014 for $20.5m. But the mother-of-six’s elusive property is proving especially attractive to developers because the site is zoned for double density. While her neighbours have been busy banding together to sell their properties and make a fortune, Ruth says she gives developers short shrift. “She just prefers to stay in a place she can walk across the road to the shops, and soon, the station”

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