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Odd news from around the world

Who knew moles can swim? “A doggy-paddling mole appeared to outswim a gull after it took to the water for a ‘fun’ afternoon swim. Photographer Terry McKenna, 73, had been hoping to snap an osprey but instead caught the unusual sequence on camera after spotting the mole taking a plunge in Rutland. The tiny creature swam out a distance of about 20 metres from the embankment at Rutland Water, before a pair of gulls began circling overhead and it ‘did a U-turn’. ‘I think it was just in the water for the fun for it. I don’t think it would be looking for food in the water. And I don’t think anything chased it into the water either. ‘It just seemed to be having a leisurely paddle. It was using what looked like doggy paddle, using its large front paws to pull it through the water. ‘It swam quite far out. But then some gulls were attracted to its splashing and appeared overhead so it got frightened and did a U-turn.’ He added: ‘The mole was really motoring. He could go quite fast, it was quite surprising. ‘The gulls were swooping down to try and catch the mole and it had to keep diving to not get caught.’

Prankster is left in hysterics after his ‘dizzy’ girlfriend explains why she wants her pizza sliced eight ways not 12: “Brad Holmes, 24, from Southampton, asks his fiancée Jenny Davies, 22, if she ordered a large pizza would she have it cut into eight or 12 pieces. The brunette immediately replies ‘eight’ because she’s not ‘fat and gutty’, failing to realise that she would still be eating the same quantity regardless of how many slices appear on her plate. Brad tries to illustrate the premise of the simple brain teaser by repeating the question to Jenny a little slower. However, she still fails to see the flaw in her answer. ‘Eight because I wouldn’t be able to eat 12. I can’t eat an extra four,’ Jenny exclaims as she becomes increasingly frustrated with Brad. Even when Brad tells her how she would still be eating the same amount of pizza despite how it is divided up, Jenny can’t understand”

Woman, 21, attacks paramedics with a PORK CHOP in Australia’s wild North: “Ambulance officers in Darwin were given a shock when they stopped to help a woman sitting in the middle of the road only to be attacked with a pork chop for their trouble. In the pork chop incident the ambulance stopped to help the 21-year-old woman at 4.40am on Darwin’s Daly Street who was sitting on the road. ‘During their efforts to move her off the road and out of harm’s way, she has thrown a pork chop at them, hitting one officer in the face and the other on the arm,’ Duty Superintendent Kylie Proctor said. The woman appeared in court and was fined $472 for hitting the good Samaritan ambulance officers.

Fearless woman chases after SIX-FOOT snake – before diving to the floor and catching it with her bare hands: “Video footage captured the incredible moment a woman captured a live snake – with her bare hands. The clip, filmed in Peru, shows the brazen woman approach the snake as it slithers across the grass at speed. Without hesitation, she runs up to the animal as it attempts to make its escape under a hedge. The video shows the woman diving onto the floor, grabbing the snake with one hand on its head and another on its body. Several people in the background exclaim in shock, ‘What?!’, and, ‘are you insane?’ as the snake thrashes around in an attempt to free itself from its fearless captor. The animal coils itself around the woman’s arm, much to the horror of her friends filming the action. However she grapples with it, kneeling as she grasps hold of the animal. She then holds the reptile on the ground, as it continues to writhe and wrap itself around her.

Seven-hundred grand for that? Aston Martin covered in cobwebs and ravaged by rust but steeped in racing history sells for astronomical amount: “Among a raft of supercar exotica and a bounty of legendary race cars available at auction, a sorry-looking Aston Martin stole the headlines at the inaugural Goodwood Festival of Speed Bonhams sale. Under the flaking paint and weathered leather bonnet strap is a post-war endurance racer that’s remained almost untouched since it completed back-to-back 24-hour marathons almost 70 years ago – and a buyer has just spent £679,100 including buyer’s fees to acquire it. The ideal ‘fixer-upper’, it went under the hammer at the annual motoring event on Friday. But looking at the pictures, don’t expect this to be a one-winter project.

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