Incredible co-ordination

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Japanese chefs pounding rice to make rice cakes




Odd news from around the world

Fads in China empty Australian supermarket shelves: “First it was milk powder, then it was pawpaw and now it is cereal. A picture of a trolley jam-packed with Weet-Bix suggests the iconic breakfast staple could be the next product heading for shortage in Australia. Overseas demand for Weet-Bix has boomed in recent years, led by the growing cereal market in China. A 1.4kg box, worth around $5 in Australia, retails for as much as $38 on Chinese import websites. Last year a similar trend saw Australia hit by a baby formula shortage as demand for the product skyrocketed in China. Earlier this year chemists were forced to limit sales of Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment for a similar reason. Weet-Bix is a high-fibre cereal made by Australian food company Sanitarium.

A Sales Representative has applied for annual leave to officially make time for her and her partner to ‘catch up’ on sex: “Bachelorette reject Kayne Buik’s wild child girlfriend Amy Rose lodged an application through her company Abacus for time off, writing on the form she intends to ‘catch up on all the sex I’ve missed out on to make me happier person.’ The 24-year-old also tells her managing director that time away from the office to bond with her 26-year-old reality star boyfriend will make her ‘a happier person’ and improve her ‘work etiquette.’ The reality star appeared to back his girlfriend’s move. Joking aside, he said the need to catch up on intimacy is paramount to long-distance relationships succeeding. ‘The divorce and break-up rates for people like me who work in the mines are high so spending time apart puts a strain on relationships,’ he said.

Who are Iowa’s mysterious ‘men in black’?: “A county in Iowa is being terrorized and terrified by a mysterious group of men dressed in black trench coats who are appearing alongside desolate roads in the middle of the night. No one knows who these mysterious men in black are and more and more people are reporting sightings, and not just in Iowa but also now in Illinois and other nearby states. The Muscatine County Sheriff’s Department in Iowa is now asking for help. ‘We have had several reports of “men dressed in black” entering the roadway in rural Muscatine County. He later wrote: ‘They walked right out in the road to the drivers side of my vehicle. Which means they was in the middle of the road or the middle of the on coming lane.’ And while some are taking this all as a joke, police are very serious about learning who these people are and why they are doing this to drivers”

Revealed: The quietest seat on a plane: “Many travellers have wondered if there’s a seat on a plane where they won’t be bothered by noise from the rumbling engines and disturbed air. New York-based low-cost airline JetBlue has set out to answer the question after being asked by its customers if there is a secret to finding the quietest seat on a plane. It’s rather obvious, as JetBlue pilot Christian P. explained in a video on the airline’s blog. He said passengers should choose a seat towards the front of the plane. Other experts said that seat should be on the aisle. ‘There’s less noise when you’re sitting forward of the wings,’ the JetBlue pilot explained. ‘On most planes the engines are located under the wings. Dai Whittingham, chair of the UK Flight Safety Committee, told MailOnline those who are bothered by the noise may want to opt for an aisle seat. ‘Window seats are noisier than aisle seats because you are closer to the skin of the aircraft. The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is substantially quieter than its competitors.

Do you see a LAKE or a WALL in this photo? Optical illusion: “The recent obsession with optical illusions has meant it has become difficult to trust your own eyes. And the latest brain confuddler created by Playbuzz proves that things are not always what they seem. The image appears to show a beautiful scene of a lake, with mountains in the distance. But can you spot what is really going on? If you look extremely closely you’ll see that the landscape does not include a lake. It is in fact a concrete wall obscuring part of the scenery, with the shrub growing on the other side.

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