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Odd news from around the world

Frustrated employees reveal the dumbest things their colleagues have ever said to them: “One user, known only as GldRush98, told how one co-worker was convinced that ‘If you went before a judge before taxes were due and recited a specific part of the tax code that you no longer had to pay taxes for that year.’ Mrs-machino said she was dumbfounded after one woman seemed to think humans breathe out pure helium. ‘We were decorating for a party, blowing up balloons with our mouths,’ she recalled. ‘After a few she said, “Why aren’t these floating? Did I buy the wrong kind?”‘ Genericky told how their receptionist was somewhat confused about the process of sheep shearing. When told there were a lot of sheep in New Zealand, she replied: ‘Ha! I bet they wear a lot of cotton then,’ before adding: ‘I think it’s sad that they have to kill all those sheep just to make sweaters.’ Her baffled colleague wrote: ‘Apparently she thinks sheep are stuffed with cotton.'”

Python sheds his skin in one perfect piece but gets trapped inside and slithers in circles for three hours before breaking free: “A snake has done laps in its old skin after shedding the outer layer in a perfect circle. The Stimson’s python – named Tim by his handlers at the Alice Springs Reptile Centre – became trapped ‘within himself’ for over three hours after shedding his skin on Wednesday. ‘The python managed to shed completely within itself with its tail finishing inside its mouth,’ Rex Neindorf, the director of the centre, in Australia’s Northern Territory, told Daily Mail Australia. After trying to exit from his bubble wrap-esque skin for the first time, Tim hit the side of another snake and was forced back in through the mouth of his already shed skin, where he continued to circle. Tim managed to break free from his sloughed skin after a ‘marathon shedding session’ and is back in his enclosure at the reptile centre”

Scaredycat black cop: “A snake scares the living daylights out of a policeman and his hysterical high-pitched reaction is caught in a hilarious video. The terrified copper runs for his life after his sniffer dog leads him straight to the serpent. A short clip of the officer has been picked up by South African media outlets, where the scene allegedly took place. In the footage colleagues of the policeman stand by and can only laugh as he frantically dashes away with his dog close behind. It is not clear what the officers are actually after in the short 40 second clip that starts with the man in blue uniform letting the dog off its leash. Going over to inspect what the canine has found it does not take the officer long to scream and run as run as fast as he possibly can. The terrified copper runs out of his socks”

NZ PM defends cop who left gun behind: “The policeman who left a loaded gun in a bathroom in New Zealand’s parliament was a trusted officer who made a “catastrophic mistake,” Prime Minister John Key says. He revealed on Monday the officer was a member of his protection squad and had been on the team the whole time he had been prime minister. “He is utterly professional, I trust him implicitly,” Mr Key said. “He just made a catastrophic error, it’s pretty awful for him because he’s not that kind of guy, he doesn’t make mistakes easily.” The Glock firearm was found in the bathroom on Thursday and was retrieved as soon as police were told it was there. Superintendent Chris Scahill, national manager response and operations, said at the time it was “a regrettable incident” and he acknowledged the potential risk that it posed”

Behold an 1886 American Castle: “Once upon a time in Kansas, there lived a rich man called Burton Harvey Campbell who loved Scottish castles so much he built his own. Lo and behold his 1886 epic mansion with its turrets, grand staircase, floral furnishings and wood carvings has survived, and is now on the market for $US3.5 million. Architect Alfred Gould created the stately mansion for the cattle baron. The 971sqm house set over four floors includes 12 fireplaces, 17 bedrooms, 16 bathrooms, a library, a solarium, a breakfast room, a formal dining room, a commercial kitchen and a separate 278sqm carriage house. The grand mansion in Derby, Kansas retains the charm of an old-world castle through intricate wood carvings, a grand staircase and turrets on the outside of the building which overlook a nearby river. His Gilded Age mansion was built in the style of the buildings he so admired on a trip to Scotland. Campbell Castle was added to the US National Register of Historic Places in 1973 for its architectural significance.

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