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Odd news from around the world

Girl plucks massive catfish out of lake with her bare hands: “While some people opt to use a line, hook, rod and reel when fishing, this girl did away with it all and impressively caught a massive catfish by using just her bare hands. In video footage of the incredible catch, a girl called Hannah is seen submerging herself into a muddy lake for several seconds. She then comes out with a big smile on her face as she tosses the large catfish over her shoulder with most of her arm inside its mouth while the other is in its gill. The girl flashes a big grin and is heard cheering after making the catch using the daring method called noodling, which is when flathead catfish are caught by hand. During the process, noodlers wave their arms around in a catfish hole and if all goes according to plan, the fish will latch onto the arm as a defensive measure and the noodler can bring the fish in. The arm-as-bait method means the sport is not for the faint hearted.

The truth about gluten-free diets: “Gluten-free diets lack fibre and it’s common to see vitamin deficiencies in those who are on it. Plus, gluten-free food products are packed with sugar and fat to ensure it’s palatable, which kinda defeats the purpose of a diet in the first place. Some people with irritable bowel syndrome can benefit off eliminating wheat but it’s unsure why. There are some nutritionists and physicians who swear by a gluten-free diet for preventing autoimmune diseases, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, treating depression and even helping autism – but none of this has been proved by science. A study was conducted to see the effect of the diet on competitive cyclists and it found that it did not boost energy. Giving up gluten may seem like a quick fix to fast-track weight loss but it’s actually depriving you of a whole list of nutrients. So if you’re not celiac, it’s best you try an alternative”

Could an Australian spider be the world’s fastest lunging predator?: “Australia is well known for its exotic wildlife, but a visiting researcher believes it could also be home to the world’s fastest-lunging predator. Karaops are a type of small, flat spider found only in Australia. Californian researcher Sarah Crews has spent 60 days trekking through central and northern Australia, collecting as many samples as possible. “Sort of accidentally we noticed that they are very fast at striking their prey, and it may be that they are the fastest terrestrial ambush predator on Earth.” Back in the laboratory the spiders will be filmed lunging at their prey, which is usually live crickets. By watching the footage in slow motion, Dr Crews and her team will be able to get an idea of the spiders’ mechanics, and how they are able to lunge at prey in a fraction of a second”

A man died while watching horror film: “A MAN has died in his cinema seat while watching a horror film’s most frightening scene. The 65-year-old was watching The Conjuring 2 with a friend at a movie theatre in Tiruvannamalai, a town in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, on Thursday night. According to the Times of India, police said once the film about the “Enfield haunting” in the 1970s reached one of the scariest parts, the man began having chest pains and fainted. He was taken to hospital but had already died. The cause of death remains unknown, but many believers in paranormal activity think it was linked to the movie”

NASA’s ‘Maxwell’ is a plane that runs on electricity: “An experimental plane being built by NASA could help push electric-powered aviation from a technical curiosity and pipe dream into something that might become commercially viable for small aircraft. At a conference of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics on Friday in Washington, Charles Bolden Jr, the NASA administrator, announced plans for an all-electric airplane designated as X-57, part of the agency’s efforts to make aviation more efficient and less of a polluter. The X-57 will look more like a Cessna, unlike some of NASA’s earlier sleek, futuristic X-planes. Its cruising speed might hit 280 km/h. Its wings, however, will be unique — far skinnier than usual and embedded with 14 motors. For the X-57, NASA researchers are designing narrower wings that are efficient during cruise flight, powered by two 60-kilowatt electric motors at the wingtips that spin 1.5m-wide propellers”

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