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Odd news from around the world

Maori cameraman uses a pair of SCISSORS to slice through ‘uncuttable’ ankle bracelets used to monitor prisoners: “New Zealand corrections commissioner appeared on Story on Thursday
She was demonstrating ‘uncuttable’ ankle monitoring bracelets
The New Zealand corrections department was left red-faced on live television when their new ‘uncuttable’ monitoring bracelets were cut through with a pair of paper scissors. Rachel Leota, corrections deputy national commissioner, seemed very confident when she appeared on news program Story to discuss the bracelets, and even invited reporter Dan Parker to try and cut through it with a pair of paper scissors. Footage shows the reporter try to hack at the monitoring system and fail, before a strong cameraman appears on the side of the screen eager for a go. In just three snips, cameraman Billy Weepu cut through the rubber and the thick wire. The reporters all looked to Ms Leota for comment, however she was speechless as the camera zoomed in on the open ankle bracelet.

Angry sandwich van owner sabotaged filming of TV drama by playing BAGPIPES after arriving at his pitch to find it was closed to the public: “A angry trader played his bagpipes in a deliberate attempt to disrupt filming of TV show Vera after the car park where he works was closed to the public. Andy Grant, of Pipers Pitch Catering, says he lost £2,000 in business when Northumberland County Council and ITV moved into the car park where he has his van for six days. The 45-year-old, who has worked on the pitch at Craster Quarry carpark in the village of Craster for 10 years, arrived at his catering van to find the entrance to the car park had been cornered off with cones and a ‘Car Park Closed’ sign. The following day he arrived at work to be informed by an ITV crew that they were filming Vera and was told the location manager would speak to him. However when nobody contacted him, on the third day of the closure Andy decided to played his Scottish Highland pipes loudly in an attempt to gain their attention. ‘I only got to two minutes of playing and they sent the locations manager up.”

Massive monitor lizard ‘knocking’ at front door stuns Thai man: “A Thai man was left stunned when he found this huge monitor lizard clinging to his front door after it clambered onto his property. Attanai Thaiyuanwong posted a video of the ‘monster’ reptile outside his home in Nonthaburi, Thailand. In the clip, the man and his family attempt to get the lizard to move out of the way and can be heard shrieking every time the lizard swings it tail. According to Thai news website Coconuts Bangkok, the man says [translated]: “(The lizard) is in our house. It’s huge!” It’s unclear if the family managed to eventually move the lizard out of the way and get back into their home or if they are still stranded outside. Monitor lizards include 60 living species of large lizards in the genus Varanus. Monitors inhabit tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia

Junction dubbed the ‘red light district’ because of its 42 separate traffic lights cannot possibly do with fewer say the engineers who designed it: “A controversial junction dubbed the ‘red light district’ with a staggering 42 separate signals does not need fewer lights according to those who designed it – despite an audit finding it has too many. Motorists in Beverley, near Hull, East Yorkshire, have been seeing red over Grovehill junction – which replaced a roundabout when a £22million bypass opened in 2015. The junction made international headlines because of the large amount of lights crammed into the small area. Experts AECOM, who conducted the £5,000 audit, said the junction appeared ‘over-populated’ – which can boost the number of crashes. But the engineers behind the junction and its controversial design, Pell Frischmann, have insisted ‘there is no scope for reduction of the number of signal poles’. And this has been accepted by East Riding Council.

Strange Rolls Royce: “The world of autonomous vehicles just got a more luxurious, after Rolls-Royce unveiled a driverless super car of the future. It has dubbed its futuristic car, which looks like it could have come straight out of Batman’s cave, the Rolls-Royce 103EX. The front seat is replaced with a sofa-style body. It features an artificial intelligence-powered voice assistant named Eleanor. Rolls-Royce describes it as the ‘ultimate concept car’, in a rare insight into how the luxury vehicle maker sees the future of motoring. The car was unveiled at a global event held in London today but the company said it may be another 25 years before it hits the road. BMW, who own Rolls-Royce, said self-driving technology was still some way off being fully autonomous. During the event, the company cited legislative changes and more accurate maps as hurdles facing drivers”

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