How to measure a fish

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What sort of fish is it? It doesn’t look like a catfish




Odd news from around the world

“Positive influence” or a bad example? Female bodybuilder dies aged 32: “Devastated family and friends have said their goodbyes to female bodybuilder Andy Page after she suddenly died in her sleep at just 32. Ms Page’s sudden and unexpected death provoked a huge outpouring of emotion on social media, including from Footy Show funnyman Beau Ryan. He was a ‘better person for having met her’ on the set of the TV program and when the keen South Sydney Rabbitohs fan was competing in a tournament. ‘She was so positive and such a beautiful person,’ he wrote. ‘A dedicated trainer who was a positive light and influence for so many others. Friends were not sure what caused Ms Page’s sudden death or whether she had any underlying medical condition, but they denied any suggestion steroids could have played a role. Queensland Police said Ms Page’s death was reported about 3pm on Sunday and they were treating it as ‘non-suspicious’medical condition. Friends said they did not know whether Ms Page (left, right) had an underlying medical condition. She reportedly felt a ‘sharp pain in her side’ the night before her death”

Music ‘changes the taste of beer’: “Scientists have found that soundtracks can influence how drinks and food taste, and even alter alcoholic strength. Drinkers who were served three different types of beer rated them sweeter or sourer according to the music playing at the time. The Belgium study, led by Dr Felipe Carvalho, of Vrije Universiteit Brussel, said: ‘Participants rated the beer as significantly sweeter when listening to the sweet soundtrack than when listening to the bitter soundtrack. ‘And volunteers rated the beer as significantly stronger while listening to the bitter soundtrack. Volunteers at the Music Instruments Museum in Brussels, Belgium, were asked to taste a beer, and rated the experience, each time under the influence of a different sound stimulus. Participants were not informed that they were, in fact, tasting the same beer each time”

Supermarket denied a license to sell alcohol because its award-winning $5 bottles of wine are ‘too cheap and will cause health problems’: “Aldi’s plans to expand its alcohol sales has hit a snag after its application to sell wine, beer, spirits and ciders in-store was knocked back. Western Australia’s Liquor Authority voiced concerns over the low prices of the German-owned chain’s alcohol when it rejected Aldi’s liquor license application for its Harrisdale store, in Perth’s south-east. Aldi shoppers have their pick of 22 varieties of wine that are under $5 a bottle, including its award winning South Point Estate rose, and three brands are priced as low as $2.79. In the same ruling, the Liquor Authority granted Woolworths the right to open up one of its BWS bottle shops at the same shopping centre. The EDPH said there was a strong relationship linking price, consumption and harm in the community”

Five-year-old saves his birthday money to take his best friend on their very first date: “A five-year-old boy has taken his best friend on their very first date together and even admits he wants to secure a second one. Freddie Gibson, from Christchurch, Dorset, has been buddies with Dee Dee Jones since the pair were just babies, after their mothers met at an antenatal class – and sent her a note to ask her out. Freddie first got the idea after seeing his mum Nina and dad Ian going out on a date and asked them what it was. When they explained it to him, romantic Freddie decided he wanted to take his best pal Dee Dee out as well. ‘They decided to go to Pizza Express – he bought her flowers, and she had a new dress and her hair done all nicely. It was so lovely and sweet – they held hands all the way. Freddie had even saved his birthday money to pay for the date – but staff at Pizza Express in Christchurch were so taken with the endearing couple that they gave them their meal on the house. But ever the gentleman, Freddie made sure he left a tip for the friendly staff”

Man took selfies as he roamed through a police HQ for FOUR hours reading crime reports and vandalising property in a deliberate bid to get arrested – then went home when no-one noticed: “A man who visited a police station in a bid to get arrested after his girlfriend dumped him ended up spending hours wandering around, trying on helmets, reading crime reports and taking selfies. William Linton, 25, of Edinburgh, took pictures of himself wearing a police hat, filmed himself behind the desk of a senior officer, smashed the window of a patrol car, defaced notebooks and even stole a set of handcuff keys. The incident took place at Police Scotland’s Lanarkshire divisional headquarters in Motherwell, Lanarkshire, which is open 24 hours a day. Furious senior officers launched an immediate inquiry into the incident of October 8, 2014, and Linton handed himself in the following day. He told police he had gone to the station in a bid to get arrested in a vain attempt to get noticed after losing his job and his girlfriend”

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