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Odd news from around the world

Woman bankrupts herself and her husband by spending $1 million on legal costs in a 10-YEAR divorce battle: “A bitter couple spent 10 years and more than $1million fighting each other in a divorce squabble that has bankrupted them both. The couple split in 2006, started divorce proceedings in 2007 and did not settle the fight until last week – a dispute that was almost as long as their 12-year marriage. In the marathon battle over how to split their estate, the Brisbane couple racked up debts that exceeded the value of their combined assets by a ‘significant margin’, reported The Herald Sun. Justice Michael Kent told the Family Court in Brisbane the wife’s pursuit of ‘baseless claims’ against her husband were the cause of the ‘extraordinary amount of costs’. The wife now faces bankruptcy while the husband was ‘fatigued by litigation’ and was forced into rental accommodation after losing his house.

‘My wife is pregnant with a sports car’: Dad-to-be is left VERY surprised by the shape of his unborn child in an ultrasound photo: “An expectant father has sparked disbelief after sharing an ultrasound image which appears to show a small vehicle in his wife’s womb. The original poster Brewhaus3223, who titled the image ‘My wife is pregnant with a sports car’, received more than 450 comments on sharing website Reddit. Viewers were mystified by the strange spectacle, making a range of shocked and humorous comments. The mysterious shape appears to show two wheels, a sloping roof, the driver’s window and even something that resembles a steering wheel. ‘Perfect for that midlife crisis,’ Reddit user ScabbedOver noted, after the image was posted three days ago.

Why this year’s trendiest wine is… orange: “Forget rosé – an ‘orange’ wine made using an ancient technique favoured by the Romans is set to be this summer’s hottest tipple. The peculiar plonk – which is made from leaving grape skins in juice for a few days or weeks rather than removing it immediately – is fast becoming a favourite among wine buffs and foodies after hitting shelves in the UK. Said to have a richer, more complex flavour than regular white, orange wine uses ancient methods whereby wines were fermented naturally in clay pots with their skins on at unregulated temperatures. The technique dates back to 8,000 BC and was the main way of making wine up until the mid 20th century when modern production methods took over, whereby grape juice and skins are immediately separated. Leaving the grape skins in the juice not only imparts colour but also more flavour and tannins. ‘Where orange wine is this weird hybrid wine that is technically white but made like a red, it goes with lots of different foods.”

First-glass travel: The train in Japan that has WINDOWS instead of walls: “Japan has some of the most stunning scenery in the world – and now rail passengers will be able to see it in all its glory thanks to a train that has huge windows instead of walls. The futuristic design, by Ichibansen, means that the carriages are akin to glass tubes, so passengers will have unhindered views of Japan’s volcanic landscape. And as an added bonus, the driver’s room is also glass, meaning rail enthusiasts can get up close and personal to the inner workings of train travel. There are two carriages to the tourist train, which runs in the west part of the Niigata Prefecture in Japan. The first carriage is dedicated to offering stunning viewpoints, while the second houses a French restaurant. There are 45 seats in total on the Echigo Tokimeki Resort Setsugekka designed by Ichibansen. A ticket for one that includes a meal costs £100, while the fare without food is£40. Japanese passengers are used to seeing the countryside in a blur – on board their ‘Bullet Trains'”

Obnoxious Jewish businessman called to account: “Sir Philip Green was questioned about the collapse of BHS and its pension fund. Thousands of workers have been affected. Parliament had a proper interest, not just on those workers’ behalf but also regarding corporate governance and (old idea) business ethics. Sir Philip glared at the MPs, screwing his tanned face into a walnut shell of disdain. Not accustomed to scrutiny, perhaps. Not used to having his omnipotence queried. Here, in this bloated, truculent billionaire, hands caramel from the sundeck of his superyacht, sat the caricature of a capitalist system which, as Mr Fuller remarked, allows tycoons great freedoms. They can write off costs and losses to the public purse. They can shovel funds off-shore. If their taste runs to such things, they can float on the Piz Buin-slicked waters of Monte Carlo harbour with their supermodel friends. Yet Sir Philip was outraged by the polite questions these elected legislators put to him about his sale of BHS and the puzzling slump of the firm’s pensions fund”

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  1. Was it really so necessary to describe Philip Green as “Obnoxious Jewish businessman…”?what if he were Christian, Atheist or even Muslim?

    • As the title should suggest, this is not a politically correct blog and I think ethnicity is of interest. I would also have named Gruen as Muslim or black if he had been such. Ethnicity seems to account for average high rates of Muslim terrorism, black crime and Jewish wealth so any idea that it is not of interest is absurd. Leftists agree. They talk of “dead WHITE males”, for instance.

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