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Odd news from around the world

Man in his 50s miraculously survives falling 100ft down a cliff – after sliding all the way down on his backside: “A man miraculously survived a 100ft cliff fall after sliding all the way down on his backside. He had accessed a fenced-off area of a cliff top that has been closed following a massive landslip to sit and admire the view but lost his footing. The man, aged in his 50s, rolled over the edge and careered down the steep grassy cliff on his bottom, suffering a fractured pelvis in the process. He came to rest at the foot of the cliff, close to the promenade which was busy with people out for a walk. Coastguard, police, ambulance and fire crews attended the scene in Bournemouth, Dorset, and found the man to be conscious. The man was flown to the Southampton General Hospital and his injuries are believed to be non-life-threatening”

Could a blast of sound waves treat high blood pressure?: “Stimulating the forearm with a handheld ultrasound device may be a new way to treat high blood pressure, or hypertension. A recent study involving 250 people showed that using the device for just 20 minutes significantly reduced patients’ blood pressure. The theory is that the ultrasound waves interfere with signalling from a nerve in the forearm that also travels to the heart and is involved in regulating blood pressure. The Japanese researchers say the ultrasound treatment may be so effective that some patients won’t need to take hypertension medication. Most people with hypertension — defined as a blood pressure reading of over 140/90mmHg — need pills such as ACE inhibitors or calcium channel blockers to control their condition, but it’s estimated that in more than half of patients their high blood pressure remains hard to control”

Children reveal their hilarious life goals – including learning to fly, working in a supermarket and never getting married: “Images circulating the web show some youngsters’ dreams in life are either unrealistic or hilariously mundane. From a large number of little boys hoping to become Batman to the wish to turn into an inanimate object – such as a potato – these children won’t let anything stand in the way of their ambitions, including all sense and reason. One blond-haired little boy is after the good life, treats and presumably lots of long walks. He is hoping to become a dog when he grows up. Another boy, whose hobbies include playing tag and catch, wishes nothing more than to grow up and work in this local supermarket. His goal reads: ‘In 20 years I’ll be 32 years old and working in KMart’. Another boy hope to tackle a lack of ethnic diversity in the Marvel Comics universe by becoming Black Spider-Man. It’s the simple life for another child. When they grow up they hope to be a person who cleans tables”

Worker finds a 2,000 year old 22lb hunk of butter buried deep in an Irish bog (and yes it is still edible): “A worker has found a massive 22lb lump of butter dating back 2,000 years buried in an Irish bog – which is still edible. Jack Conway, a turf cutter from Maghera, northern Ireland, discovered the prehistoric dairy product, which ‘smelled like cheese’, while working on Emlagh bog last week. Bog butter was often used to preserve butter but experts claimed it could have been buried as an offering to the gods – so that they might keep that area safe. It was unearthed in the Drakerath area where the boundaries of three ancient baronies met. ‘Theoretically the stuff is still edible – but we wouldn’t say it’s advisable,’ Mr Halpin said. Mr Conway found the butter 12 feet below the ground and reported it to Cavan County Museum. It was then transferred to the National Museum to be carbon dated. Burying the butter was a good method of preserving it – as butter made in ancient times without salt expired quickly. The low oxygen conditions of the bog could help preserve it”

Even children judge people on their looks: Study finds youngsters rate ugly people as less trustworthy: “Judging a book by its cover is something we are born to do and only gets worse with age – if the latest study is to be believed. Scientists have discovered children’s perception of trust is directly linked to how attractive they find someone. And the judgemental characteristics only develop further as they grow older, with girls being deemed more selective than boys, according to the research. Researchers from Zhejiang Sci-Tech University, China, assessed 138 people. Each participant was shown every face and asked to rate how trustworthy they thought that person was. The exercise was then repeated a month later but volunteers were instead asked to rate the attractiveness of each face. Scientists then compared the ratings of trustworthiness and attractiveness for each face.” Attractiveness has previously been found to be a universal language when it comes to creating a first impression”

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