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Odd news from around the world

Perth fisherman’s catch of the day is a gun: “Every angler has a cracking fishing tale, but one Perth fisherman has probably the greatest yarn of all time after reeling in a gun from the Swan River on Friday. Khao Nguyen was fishing under the Narrows Bridge in South Perth, when he jagged something on his line. “I was hoping to catch something and to my surprise I caught a gun. Normally you don’t expect to catch something like that,” he told Seven News Perth. “I cast out halfway through the channel and I start to reel it in slowly, and that’s when I hooked the gun, but I didn’t know it was a gun, I thought it was a fish.” Mr Nguyen was quick to notify police. The gun which appeared to be a starter’s pistol was taken away by police for further testing.

Surfing automobiles: “The mangled body of a four-wheel-drive was all that was left when two cars became marooned on the beach after their owners got caught out by high tide. Several pictures and a video of the incident show both cars being thrashed by waves before being completely engulfed by the ocean at Hamelin Bay on the south-west coast of Western Australia. The Augusta-Margaret River State Emergency Services (SES) say they were called to Reserve Road last week to recover the two cars, but they couldn’t be ‘rescued’. According to their Facebook page, by the time emergency workers got to the car the vehicles were ‘rolling in the waves’. ‘Unfortunately the tide was a bit higher than it was when the drivers left their vehicles the night before and we couldn’t help without putting our own vehicles at risk. ‘Very sad sight to see rolling in the waves (especially since the Navara was only a month old)”

Vigilante justice in Australia’s wild North: “A vigilante community watch has hog-tied a knife-wielding teen and is holding him in a car boot until he confesses to his alleged crimes. The Darwin Crime Rally group posted a picture on Saturday night of the teen face down on the pavement with rope around his neck and legs, next to a screwdriver and a large hunting knife. The group said the teen turned on them with the knife when they caught him and his friends robbing a car and, sick of ‘politically correct’ policing, decided to take the law into their own hands. A spokesman for the group told Daily Mail Australia the teen was apprehended on Saturday night and had done ‘a fair amount of sweating’ since his capture. He said the group would do ‘whatever it takes’ to keep the community safe from thugs. The group’s Facebook post said: ‘His mates got away, and until we find them, this guy’s new home is in the boot of our car”

Collecting Dinky die-cast toys is global phenomenon: “Trading in Dinky die-cast toys (made from 1935 to 1979 by the same company that gave us Meccano and Hornby trains) operates pretty much like any other stockmarket, except on a smaller scale. 1:48 scale in most cases. Last month in the Blue Mountains town of Blackheath, Trains, Planes and Automobiles (TPA) held its first auction devoted entirely to Dinky product. It was described as a quiet auction because all the action happened online, although even their regular auctions are hardly raucous affairs. They usually have a dozen live bidders in the local church hall, all well-behaved. Thanks to the internet, the collecting of Dinky is now a global phenomenon with some surprising prices paid. Last month’s top result of $650 was for a Dinky Supertoy Foden Flat Truck (the code number 903 is important to collectors) in very good to excellent condition. It sold to a well-known French bidder who is also a dealer. This model came in the original box, which adds greatly to its value, around 50 per cent.

Would you wash your hair with WINE? Celebrity hairdresser reveals the secret to luscious locks is a bottle of red: “It’s been touted as the answer to everything from your health to your happiness. But one thing you might not have heard just yet is that red wine is the secret to super luscious locks. According to Dita Von Teese’s hairstylist, John Blaine, a serving of Cabernet Sauvignon is the answer to Middleton-esque shine and bounce. But before you get too excited, sadly it’s not about drinking it. Instead, you have to apply it straight to your hair. Mr Blaine’s new haircare line, Vine de la Vie, is based on this entire belief system, and the celebrity hairdresser has filled his new products with polyphenols, the active compound found in wine. ‘Our Leave-In Styling Elixir contains wine extract, which protects your hair from free radicals and oxidation that disrupts hair growth,’ one of the captions accompanies the new range on Instagram”

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