Baby scared by shadow

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Odd news from around the world

Man found randomly fishing in Indian Ocean, in rubber tyre with flippers: “South African real estate agent Grant Campbell got a shock that left him scratching his eyes this week when he found a very quirky fisherman a couple of kilometres from shore. The man’s “boat” was an inflatable rubber tyre and his “motor” was a pair of fluorescent flippers. Clad in shorts and a T-shirt, he was dangling a line over the side of his craft. Mr Campbell’s photos and his new fishing friend’s activities have been received with a mix of admiration, awe and horror. “That’s hectic, shame a shark is going to get him,” one comment read. Kwa-Zulu Natal, the province in which Mr Campbell’s home town of Mount Edgecombe is located, has a lengthy history of shark activity, including Black December of 1957 – when a total of nine attacks across four months claimed six lives.

Woman shares security footage of a little boy sneaking into her garage every day to cuddle her dog: “Hollie Breaux Mallet, a woman from Louisiana, was recently looking over security camera footage at home when she noticed a little boy sneaking into her garage. The young boy was seen riding his bike past her house before jumping off, running into the garage to play with and cuddle her pet dog Duchess, and then running back out and heading home. Touched by the love the boy had for her pet, Ms Mallet took to Facebook to see if she could identify the boy… and it didn’t take long before she found him. Within 24 hours, the little boy’s mother, Ginger Clement Breaux, posted on the video and confirmed the boy in the footage was her son Josh. Ms Mallet was overjoyed to find out who the young boy was and said she hoped he would continue to play with Duchess.

British couple are left shell-shocked when a TURTLE smashes through their car window and almost kills them: “A British couple say they feel lucky to be alive after a turtle smashed into their car windscreen in America and almost killed them. Newly engaged Jon Brewer, 33, and his fiance Telani May, 32, from Southampton, Hampshire, were on holiday in Orlando, Florida, when the terrifying incident unfolded. The couple, who have been together for 12 years, were en route to celebrate their engagement just hours after Mr Brewer popped the question when a turtle hit and smashed their car windscreen. Ms May said they believe the turtle had been hit by the car in front of them, causing it to ricochet into their windscreen and crack the glass, almost forcing Mr Brewer to lose control of the vehicle. The couple had been in America for just 24 hours when the horror crash occurred. It is not clear if the turtle survived the incident”

Baby filmed looking everywhere for his lost fork while while holding the utensil in his hand: “A video featuring a distraught toddler searching for the fork that he happens to be holding has become an online sensation. The clip features a little blonde boy sitting at the dinner table looking down at his food with concern on his face. The little boy turns to the camera and shouts ‘My fork! My fork!’ and when asked by his mother where his fork has gone, he replies with an adorably babbled version of ‘I don’t know’. The boy looks down at the table in search of his missing utensil, all the while grasping it. He asks again: ‘Mama! My fork!’ and she finally tells him: ‘I see it in your hand. It’s in your hand!’ and points her finger right at the fork. The boy turns and finally sees the fork, perks up immediately and raises it into the air. ‘Right here!’ he declares triumphantly. ‘I’m fine now,’ he says, clutching his fork in both hands, before getting right back to eating”

Thieves steal giant three-metre inflatable poo: “A three-metre inflatable poo belonging to a local council and worth the equivalent of $5,000 (3,000 GBP) has been stolen. The huge inflata-poo was part of a campaign by the council to try and combat the problem of dog droppings in the municipality of Torrelodones, in the central Spanish province of Madrid. The inflatable had been installed in the main square but has since gone missing and is believed to have been stolen. It was the centrepiece of an online campaign created by the council with the hashtag #NoMasCacas (NoMorePoos). Whoever uploaded a picture with the poo would be given a T-shirt and a booklet. But now the campaign faces being axed. The local council had wanted to place smaller poos made out of cement in the hot spots where people walk their dogs with the slogan: “This is one of the biggest obstacles for social harmony. If you have a dog help us.”

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