Everyday ironies

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One picture shows a sign reading ‘Thank you for driving carefully’ in front of a car that’s flipped on its side; another shows a man eating a sandwich while reading a book called ‘Fasting’. The slogan ‘We never stop working for you’ proved to be very ironic when one company went out of business. A ‘No standing at any time’ sign decided that it had to follow its own rules; while a van branded ‘The Republican: Where The News Hits Home’ is photographed literally hitting a home. Another picture shows a sinking boat called ‘No Worries’




Odd news from around the world

Latest British navy ships don’t work in warm water: “Britain’s cutting-edge £1billion warships are breaking down in the Persian Gulf because they are not designed for the heat. Contractors claim the Ministry of Defence did not tell them the 8,000-ton Type 45 Destroyers would be spending a long time in warm waters. As a result, the six warships have an engine which keeps cutting out in the middle of the sea, leaving servicemen stranded for hours in total darkness. The revelation yesterday raised fears that Britain’s key naval assets – designed to shield the rest of the fleet from air or missile attacks – have become ‘sitting ducks’. There were also warnings that troops could be killed as the ships are deployed near combat zones in the Middle East. Described as the backbone of the Royal Navy, they are fitted with a pioneering new system designed to cut costs and be more fuel efficient. The warships work in the North Sea because the engine can generate more power in colder temperatures”

Is it a fox OR a dog? Photogenic pup with bright blue eyes and fox-like features: “She has bright orange fur, bright blues eyes and looks just like a fox but is actually a dog. Mya is an adorable Pomsky (a cross between a Pomeranian and Siberian Husky) that is taking the internet by storm with her mesmerising features. The two-year-old puppy lives with her owner Dave Lascio near Philadelphia, in the US. The adventurous canine has been pictured from forests in Pennsylvania to the mountains and canyons of Colorado and sunny Miami beaches. While many dog owners, breeders, enthusiasts and are against the cross-breeding Mr Lascio assured he got Mya from a responsible breeder.

Dramatic moment holidaymaker thought he was rescuing a dolphin stranded in the shallows – but it turned out to be a 12ft SHARK: “Nicolas Andre went to the aid of the stranded 12-foot creature after it got stuck in shallow waters near Lizard Point in Cornwall. After running to help in the rescue, he was stunned to realise it was actually a basking shark. Mr Andre wrapped his t-shirt around the shark’s tail and helped the other man pull the animal back into the water – ripping his t-shirt to shreds in the process. He added: ‘The shark’s skin was very abrasive and there was far too much weight. He added: ‘When it was back in the water, I took my t-shirt off the tail and it was a like a switch had been flicked – the shark just flew off. Basking sharks regularly visit the Cornish coast in the summer months. Even though they are the world’s second largest fish, they only eat Plankton and have no teeth.

What a bunch of flashers! Seven new species of ‘dancing’ peacock spider found: “Seven new species of peacock spider have been discovered by biologists in Western Australia, including one that has distinctive patterns on its abdomen that appear to resemble a wasp to human eyes. Biologists think the male spider, called Maratus vespa, uses this to hold the attention of the drabber females. When a male peacock spider senses a female it begins the mating ritual by lifting its legs and flashing its stomach in a sequence that looks like a dance routine. Their courtship dances involve a complex series of ritualised movements as they waggle their legs in the air and vibrate their abdomens. The females carefully study the colouring, vibrations and movements of the male to make sure the potential suitor is healthy and the correct species to mate with. During its dance the male Maratus vespa rotates is abdomen from side to side, helping to mesmerise the female”

Bizarre French laws revealed: “Most public swimming pools only allow men to wear Speedos or other tight-fitting swimwear. Even more bizarrely, you can legally marry even after you die – and you can be elected into office as well. If you’re visiting Cugnaux just outside of Toulouse, you should make sure you’re in sparkling health as it’s illegal to die in the commune unless your family has a vault in the cemetery. At work, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol – unless your chosen beverage is beer, wine, cider or perry. You won’t be prosecuted for stealing from your family, unless the items are considered daily life essentials. And if you run out of money, you could try a toilet because bank cheques written on strong-enough loo roll are considered as legal tender. Meanwhile, in Chateauneuf-du-Pape, no UFOs are allowed over its vineyards. And on the subject of Euro 2016, French football players must, if asked, play for the national team

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