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Odd news from around the world

Bride’s family refuse to attend wedding because of the menu: “It appears vegan-shaming is finding itself in a new territory after a bride has claimed she is considering cancelling her wedding after many guests have told her they will not be attending because of the vegan menu. The mother of the bride, Kathy Craig, has taken to online forum mumsnet to share the predicament, asking fellow users if she is being “unreasonable” by being “p****** off” with her daughter and her wedding. Craig wrote that although she has enjoyed spending time planning the wedding with her daughter, she believes her daughter is being selfish in refusing to cater for all of the guests invited. “We sent the invitations [and I thought it would be a good idea to include the information about vegan catering on the invitations] and we have had many RSVPs basically saying they will not be coming if the food is vegan”

Man accused of the brutal gang rape of a 14-year-old girl pleaded with magistrate to let his mother sit with him: “A man accused of gang raping a 14-year-old girl was denied a request for his mother be present in court while a witness gave evidence at his hearing. Allan Wild, 29, faced Melbourne Magistrates Court on Monday charged with the violent gang-rape of a 14-year-old girl in Geelong in November last year. He was accompanied by brothers and co-accused Kevin Wild, 28, and Brodie Wild, 20, who each face the same charges. An application to close the court to allow a young witness to provide evidence via video-link was protested by Allan’s lawyer Theo Kassimatis, according to Herald Sun. Mr Kassimatis then requested Mr Wild’s mother be present in the courtroom as the boy gave evidence. The request was rejected by Magistrate Belinda Wallington stating he did not need to be supported by his mother, according to the news report. The court was told during an earlier hearing that Allan’s brother and co-accused, Kevin, bragged about the assault to friends”

Woman’s Facebook post calling men ‘f****** dogs’ backfires when a friend of her ex-husband exposes her as a cheat: “A cheating wife who complained about the evils of men got her comeuppance when a man she had tried to seduce outed her on Facebook. The unnamed woman’s post saying ‘Men are f****** dog’ backfired when a friend of her ex-husband’s replied explaining that she was a cheat and it went viral. The unnamed woman was perhaps trying to win sympathy when she updated her Facebook status to ‘men are f***** dogs’. Some of her friends were in agreement, with one writing: ‘You can say that again’, and another adding: ‘They can be’. But then a friend of the woman’s replied with a tale that certainly showed things in a much different light. ‘A few years ago I met a guy,’ he explained. ‘Really nice guy, Probably one of the nicest guys you could ever know. ‘We go to his house where he introduces his wife,’ he said. ‘A girl I went to school with. She tries to seduce me and get me to sleep with her. I feel disgusted and refuse.’ He then confirmed that this was the same woman who had posted the Facebook status criticising men.

You’re storing your wine wrongly!: “Chilling red wine has long been a cardinal sin for wine buffs but now a leading expert has said refrigerating an opened bottle is the best way of keeping it fresh. Editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson, said most people didn’t realise that keeping their favourite tipple at a low temperature would actually preserve its flavour. Restaurants and home drinkers have traditionally kept red wine at room temperature, which is deemed the right condition for the drink to be best enjoyed. However, Robinson, a leading voice in wine, said actually we’ve been getting it all wrong and that red wine can be put in the fridge. Speaking at the Hay Festival last week, she said: ‘Put any open bottle in the fridge. Even red wine. ‘Low temperatures slow down chemical reactions including oxidation, which is the enemy of an open bottle.’

Smart kid: “Only a person with a keen eye for detail will notice the minor detail out of place in the replica of Al Capone’s jail cell in Philadelphia. A 13-year-old boy with a love for antiques had the wherewithal to noticed the error in the meticulously recreated cell of famous gangster. The Eastern State Penitentiary museum in Philadelphia has an impeccable recreation of the jail cell Capone lived in from 1929 to 1930, according to Mental Floss. While visiting the cell, which includes an ornate desk, patterned rugs, arm chair and wall art, Joey Warchal noticed the error that even museum curators overlooked. Joey identified the large cabinet radio included in the exhibit as a Philco A-361, which came out ten years after Capone served time. ‘The radio featured in the display is historically inaccurate. As an antique collector specializing in radios. The radio displayed is a Philco A-361, made in January 1942,’ Joey wrote in the email”

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