Translation test

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I can translate Zucchini and Okra but WHAT is purpul-hurl?




Odd news from around the world

Meet the non-allergenic ‘super’ peanut: “A global team of scientists is edging closer to creating a non-allergenic “super” peanut. By decoding the DNA of the peanut the scientists have identified genes that – when altered – they believe will prevent an allergic response in humans. “We will also be able to produce peanuts that have more health benefits with improved nutritional value.” He said the the identified genes now needed to be altered and tested before a new variety of peanut could be developed”

Footage shows angry octopus stealing GoPro before diver is forced to wrestle the camera from its murky lair: “A diver attempting to take a selfie with an octopus in its natural habitat got a surprise when the tables turned. As the scuba diver lowers himself to the seabed and places the camera near to the octopus’s hiding place, the sea creature has other ideas. Clearly not taking kindly to being recorded, the octopus, filmed in Sydney Harbour, reaches out and grabs the GoPro. As the camera spins around toward the diver, the octopus even manages to take a quick underwater snap himself. Footage shows the octopus safely tucked away in lair, before racing towards the recording equipment. As reported by Newsflare , the diver couldn’t believe what happened, but was delighted to have caught it on camera. “This video captures the event and me wrestling the camera back from the octopus.”

Fashion exec claims he was fired for not having sex with his married ‘cougar’ boss, 52: “A married fashion designer fired a younger employee because he refused to have sex with her, a lawsuit has claimed. Daniel Coyle, 39, has accused Joanne Del Prete-Rosten, 52, the owner of BigApple-based clothing company Canto NYC, of letting him go after he refused her advances. A lawsuit seen by the New York Post claims the pair met three years ago at the NASCAR track at Pocono Raceway. Coyle claims the pair then started having sex twice a week until Del Prete-Rosten asked him to join her company, which specializes in leather pants and tops. On his first day as chief operating officer, he discovered that his boss was actually married, and her husband, Pete Rosten, was an executive at the company, the lawsuit says. He put the alleged affair on hold after the discovery, supposedly leaving Del Prete Rosten hurt. Coyle’s claims were already dismissed by the state Division of Human Rights, Del Prete-Rosten’s lawyer told the Post”

Belgian city gets beer PIPELINE: “Brewer Xavier Vanneste could no longer stand the idea that hundreds of his trucks were damaging the medieval streets of his beloved Bruge and decided to hatch an audacious plan. Mr Vanneste proposed to build a beer pipeline from his city brewery to a bottling plant outside of town two miles away. ‘I just had the money for that, and I liked it. So I went crazy and gave the money to the brewery,’ said restaurant owner Philippe Le Loup, who poured $11,000 into the pipeline. Thanks to Le Loup and others, Mr Vanneste is now staring at one end of the pipeline, which by autumn will start pumping some 1,060 gallons of beer an hour toward the bottling plant. For many, that offer was hard to refuse. About 10 percent of the total ‎€4million (£3million) investment for the pipeline has been financed through crowdfunding”

Is this Britain’s stupidest sport?: “While most of us might enjoy a boisterous game of football or a competitive game of tennis in our free time, people in the Cotswolds indulge in bouts of… shin kicking. Indeed there is even a world shin-kicking championship and this year it was the highlight of the so-called Cotswold Olimpicks, a celebration of unusual sports, held on June 3. A comical video shows pairs of men aggressively kicking each others shins as they hold onto their opponent’s shoulders. Competitors in the sometimes rather brutal event cushioned their shins with straw before competing in bouts at the event in Gloucestershire. It is a rugged and physical sport and, unlike many contact sports, it is always the legs that take the strain. Competitors went head to head in ‘best of three’ bouts. The aim is pretty simple – to kick your opponent until you bring him down. However, sweeping manoeuvres, such as those used in judo, are strictly forbidden”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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  1. Purple hull peas actually do have purple hulls.

    Thank you so much for both blogs if that is the proper name.

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