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Odd news from around the world

Home owners bash armed burglars with an iron bar: “Home owners have used an iron bar to brutally bash two young men who tried to break into their house in Melbourne’s outer north-west, police say. The two men, believed to be in their 20s, were attacked during an attempted aggravated burglary at the home on Beverley Street in Kings Park, a police spokesman said. It’s believed the home owners grabbed an iron bar and fought off the armed intruders with the weapon at 6.45am on Sunday, he said. Minutes later, paramedics were called to a Deer Park home a few kilometres south of the incident and found the two men with upper body injuries, an Ambulance Victoria spokesman said. Both men were treated and taken from the Station Road address to the Royal Melbourne Hospital, he said. One man arrived in a critical condition, the other in a stable condition. There were five people home at the time of the incident: two women and three men.

Man, 44, who had an eight-inch bionic penis fitted undergoes another op to make it SMALLER: “A man who had an eight-inch bionic penis fitted has undergone another operation to make it smaller after losing his virginity and finding sex was too painful. Mohammad Abad, 44, from Edinburgh was fitted with the £70,000 replacement in 2012 after losing his penis and testicle when he was run over by a car at age six. Earlier this year he lost his virginity to sex worker Charlotte Rose, 35, but has now had his remade manhood slimmed down after discovering it was too large and so made sex painful. The security guard had his latest operation, the 121st, last weekend at University College London, where surgeons spent three and a half hours altering the penis. They also harvested sperm from his remaining testicle, which Mr Abad hopes will mean he can one day fulfill his dreams of becoming a father.”

And they couldn’t tell the difference: “An exclusive London nightclub favourited by Princes William and Harry filled £360 bottles of Dom Perignon champagne with cheap prosecco. Over three years staff at Boujis, in South Kensington, conned clubbers with the scam, it has been claimed. Drink from bottles of Santa Eleni, which retails for £9, was poured out and sold as expensive champagne. Bottles of Grey Goose and Belvedere vodka which can sell for £260 contained what was in fact much cheaper alcohol. Staff are alleged to have used drink from bottles of 1860 Imperial vodka, which can be bought for £10 from supermarkets, in the club. Barman have been seen filling the more expensive bottles by using a funnel to transfer the cheaper alcohol. Water has also been used to dilute the drink to keep costs down. The venue has made thousands of pounds from tricking the unsuspecting super rich who frequented the club. The Ignite Group, which runs Boujis, said it was ‘shocked’ by the allegations and would take action against those responsible”

Sydney police have sense of humor: “Celebrity lawyer Christopher Murphy has shared a hilarious list of ‘typical’ answers that was displayed at the front desk of a Sydney police station. Mr Murphy posted a picture of a sign he said hung at Paddington police station for more than a decade to his 15,000 Twitter followers. The sign was entitled: ‘Police Responses To Typical Questions From Arrested Persons’. It dryly answers questions commonly asked by people in police custody, such as ‘Do you know who I am?’ Mr Murphy is also named personally on the sign as answer, which reads: ‘Yes, you can telephone Chris Murphy’. The Sydney-based lawyer is described on his website as being a ‘gruff, no-nonsense legal advocate’, with a long list of high profile clients”

A Small-Town Resident’s Secret for 48 Years: He Was a Fugitive: “Bob Stackowitz escaped from a Georgia prison so long ago that he eventually stopped acting like he was on the run. He bought a house in this rural town in western Connecticut, fixed boat engines for a living and, on occasion, forgot to use his alias, Bob Gordon. But when the 71-year-old fugitive filed for Social Security benefits under his real name, the Georgia Corrections Department ultimately found out. The agency had long stopped actively looking for Mr. Stackowitz, who escaped from prison in that state 48 years ago after serving about two years of a 17-year sentence for robbery. Last month, federal marshals, accompanied by a Connecticut state trooper, knocked on the door at Mr. Stackowitz’s simple cedar contemporary home. Inmate No. 0000364334, whose hair had gone from dark walnut to wispy white in the intervening half-century, had been caught.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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