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Odd news from around the world

Have scientists found a CURE for alcoholism? New virus can ‘repair the liver damage caused by drinking’: “Fibrosis occurs when certain cells in the liver, called hepatocytes, cannot regenerate fast enough to keep up with the damage caused by alcohol or certain diseases like hepatitis C or fatty liver disease caused by obesity. When this happens, ‘patches’ are created – similar to fixing a flat tyre – but when too many of these patches appear, the liver begins to fail. Following years of work, the team have identified an adeno-associated virus (AAV) which is able to specifically infect the patches. They found that by filling the AVV viruses with a fate-changing cocktail, the virus converted the damaged patches into liver cells that were functional. The number of new cells were relatively small – often less than one per cent – but this was often sufficient to reduce fibrosis and improve liver function.

Special Forces using Bollywood music to defeat ISIS because they find it particularly irritating: “British and American special forces are using Bollywood music in their battle against ISIS in Libya, according to reports. Tunes from popular Indian films is being used as psychological warfare to terrorise ISIS fighters who view the music as blasphemy against Islam. This comes as Libyan government troops successfully captured two coastal towns from ISIS in an advance towards its bastion Sirte on Tuesday. Special forces were reportedly tipped off by a Pakistani-born British army intelligence officer, who informed troops that ISIS would consider Bollywood music ‘apostasy’, and insulting to their ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam.

Plane passenger checks in a STICK at an airport: “Airline passengers are able to check in a vast array of items – as this picture of a stick on a luggage conveyor belt shows. The origin of the lone branch is not known, but it had a London Stansted baggage tag attached to it and it was at this airport that it was snapped. A photograph of the piece of wood was shared on Reddit and the post received thousands of comments. User Jeggasyn said that it is ‘the longest game of fetch ever’, while many others paid the stick compliments. Many comments alluded to the owner being ‘a dog’, while some compared the stick to the mighty sword Excalibur. Speaking MailOnline Travel, a spokesperson for Stansted Airport said: ‘We did check with our terminal operations team and they’re not aware of this stick being checked in or ever seeing it on a baggage carousel in the arrivals hall. ‘Perhaps we should ask special branch to look in to it.’

The smart earplugs that are giving 20,000 US soldiers ‘super hearing’: “More than half of all troops returning from combat zones with some sort of damage to their hearing. But now 20,000 members of the military are using smart earbuds that reduce the high-level impulse noises, all while heightening very low signature types sounds for ‘super hearing’ abilities. Called Tactical Communication and Protective System, this military device is also set to be used in headsets for everyone from construction workers to music fans. TCAPS cuts noise down to 85 decibels, which will allow soldiers to hear and communicate over loud gunfire, which is at least 150 decibels. Once in the ear, the tip of the earbud sits for 15 to 20 seconds to expand to full capacity for a snug fit. The tips last anywhere from a week to a month, depending on how clean the ears are and the fit.

Motorist in lowered car gets stuck on tiny bump in car park: “The motorist was caught on camera driving down a ramp in a car park in Hong Kong when he ran into the hurdle because of his extremely lowered suspensions. A crowd of onlookers can be seen watching in amusement as the white vehicle repeatedly drives up to the bump before reversing and trying again. The red-faced driver eventually makes it over the bump, to the accompaniment of a chorus of cheers. Lowered cars are banned in many parts of the world because of the dangers involved with the modification. The practice involves lowering the vehicle to the point it’s practically dragging on the ground for aesthetic purposes.

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