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Odd news from around the world

Major breakthrough as doctors REVERSE symptoms of a stroke — after stem cell treatment: “Doctors have reversed the symptoms of stroke in a major medical breakthrough. Patients regained the ability to walk, speak and have a normal family life, thanks to a procedure requiring only local anaesthetic and a single night in hospital. Despite the long gap between stroke and treatment, all 18 patients in the pilot showed increasing improvement for the 12 months they were tracked after the operation. One patient who relied on a wheelchair, unable to properly use her legs, has since taken up jogging. The participants remained conscious under local anaesthesia, while a small hole was drilled through their skulls and stem cells injected into the damaged area of their brain”

Thirsty thief is flattened under large beer fridge that crashes down when he tries to break it open: “Filmed in an unknown location, the video shows two men stumble to four fridges outside a local shop. The clip then shows the pair being treated to a bit of karma when they try to rob one of the fridges full of beer. When one of the men attempts to open the fridge it comes crashing down, pinning him underneath. His drunk partner in crime tries to rescue his friend – while continuing to clutch his bottle of beer. His friend picks up his beer and the pair appear to stumble away – but not before coming back and pushing over the second beer fridge in an attempt to get their hands on its contents. But again they fail in their attempt and leave the scene empty handed.

Motorists warned to be on the lookout after FOX CUBS are accused of chewing through brake cables: “Police have pointed the finger at a group of teenage foxes for a spate of attacks in Kent that have left half a dozen car owners with vandalised brakes. After finding no evidence of human involvement, officers called in a wildlife expert in a bid to solve the mystery and investigate a string of unexplained incidents where car owners had found their brakes had been damaged. The fox expert specialises in finding humane ways to deter nuisance wildlife, said: ‘It was thought to be vandalism but it was not human vandals. ‘I looked at the damaged cables and the only possible explanation is foxes. ‘They get under cars and snap away at all the cables when they are hyped up.’ Foxes are thought to be attracted to the sweet-smelling brake fluid chemical glycol, which might also explain the behavior”

Vegan cafe targeted By ‘Neo-Nazis’ who threw meat and sausages at patrons: “A VEGAN café in Georgia was attacked by sausage wielding ‘Neo-Nazis’ who pelted diners with meat and fish during a film screening, prompting a brawl. More than a dozen men stormed the Kiwi Café in Tbilisi wearing sausages necklaces and brandishing skewers of meat on Sunday night. After the ‘pro-meat protesters’ refused to leave the premises staff attempted to remove them by force prompting a fight in the street that saw bystanders join in on both sides. The café, founded by American Mike Runey was due to show a film in English over the weekend when the men set upon the eatery. The Kiwi Café said in a statement: “It all started when they came into the cafe speaking and laughing loudly and didn’t care when we asked them to be quiet and not to disturb the people who came to watch the film”

Scaredy cat dog: “A video showing a terrified dog being dragged along a glass-bottomed bridge by its owners has caused a stir online. The footage from China captures the animal spread-eagle while being pulled on a lead. Meanwhile its owners can be heard laughing at the dog, which had presumably been fine before looking down and spotting the massive drop. The dog’s owners can be heard laughing. The dog struggles against the lead for the entire clip and still appears to be unsettled as it finally reaches the end and can see solid ground ahead of it. The seven-second video emerged on Liveleak, where a number of people leaped to the defence of the dog. There is no suggestion that the owners intentionally set out to frighten the dog however. There are a number of bridges like this in China, including two in the Hunan Province and a glass observation deck in Longgang National Geological Park, Chongqing”

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