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Odd news from around the world

Woman’s breast implants exploded when a kangaroo knocked her off her bike – but they ‘acted like airbags and saved her life’: “A violent kangaroo has left two women injured after launching itself at their bicycles in South Australia’s Clare Valley – with one of the women needing surgery to replace her breast implants. Ms Salter, 47, was left concussed, while Mrs Heinrich, 45, will undergo surgery on Thursday to replace her breast implants which were ruptured in the ordeal. However, Ms Heinrich, 45, said the implants saved her. ‘They worked as air bags,’ she said. Sharon Heinrich and Helen Salter were cycling on the Riesling Trail last Wednesday when the animal sprang from a ledge, knocking them both to the ground.

Fearless female shop assistant wrestles with armed robber before pulling him off his motorbike when he tries to speed away: “The woman, who asked not to be named, had opened the optician practice for one of the robbers who was pretending to be a customer in Ho Chi Minh in southern Vietnam. CCTV footage in the shop shows the woman looking for a pair of glasses with her back to the man. The robber then grabs her neck and smothers her mouth so she is unable to scream as he tries to steal her iPhone. The man held a knife as he almost got the woman in a headlock while she attempted to break free. She refused to hand over her phone and a short struggle followed until she managed scream as loud as she could. The man immediately let her go and ran out of her shop to try and meet up with his accomplice. However as he attempted to flee, she chased after him – still screaming – and knocked him and his friend of their motorbike. Other shopkeepers and people in the area ran over, forcing the men to escape on foot”

A ‘dusty old pot’ kept in a university cupboard for 30 years sells for almost £4MILLION after it turned out to be a 600-year-old Ming Dynasty antique: “A tiny cup dismissed as a ‘dusty old pot’ and kept in a university cupboard for 30 years has fetched £3.6million at auction. The four inch (10cm) tall vessel was put into storage in 1984 at Staffordshire University and forgotten about after being on display since the Second World War. But during a clear-out last year the blue and white cup was rediscovered after staff noticed it sitting in an unlocked cupboard ‘cluttering up’ a corridor. And university staff were left stunned when it turned out to be a Stem Cup from the Ming Dynasty dating back to 1425. It bears the six-character mark of the fifth emperor of the Ming dynasty, Xuande and features a fearsome five-clawed dragon flying amongst flames. It was eventually sold for a total of 41,600,000 HKD (£3.6million) and was bought by a Chinese private collector at the sale in Hong Kong”

You can’t win: “The introduction of larger parking spaces designed ‘just for women’ in China has seen local authorities accused of sexism and misogyny. Eight spaces in the Tonglu highway car park in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, east China, have been painted pink and made 1.5 times bigger than usual spaces to ‘accommodate female drivers’. To top it off, each space is finished with the symbol of a woman in a skirt, also painted in bright pink according to a report by People’s Daily Online. The highway director said the places were for ‘female drivers whose driving skills are not superb’ and argued he had seen many women need help from security guards to park in the usual places. The new spaces have drawn heavy criticism on Chinese social media, with accusations of inherent sexism being quickly denied by the highway authority”

Kuzma the famous pet fox with enormous ears and a fierce attitude: “An adorable tiny fox with huge ears and a fierce attitude has become an internet sensation after attracting more than 19,000 followers on Instagram in just one month. Videos on Kuzma’s page get watched more than 32,000 times by fans and photos receive almost 6,000 likes. The fennec fox, which are usually found in the Sahara Desert in North Africa, poses for photographs and videos in its owner’s home in Moscow, Russia. It barks and snarls as it shows off its ferocious personality while walking around the flat in the Russian capital. On Kuzma’s Instagram page, it reads: ‘I’m not a dog, I’m the real tiny fox fennec, named Kuzma.’ The fennec has a life span of up to 14 years in captivity. Its main predators are the African varieties of the eagle owl. It is the smallest species of canid – including dogs, foxes, wolves and jackals”

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