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Odd news from around the world

Bank Robber’s First Mistake Was Loading The Wrong Ammunition, His Second Was …: “An Ohio criminal made the mistake of robbing a bank that had an armed, off-duty police officer inside — and loaded his gun with the wrong kind of ammunition. The now-deceased 20-year-old Terry Frost III timed his robbery perfectly Wednesday, and knew the exact moment the teller withdrew $90,000 from the ATM. Police have now released surveillance footage of the shooting. Frost sprinted into a Madison, Ohio bank and within seconds jumped the front desk, grabbed the bag, and then found himself on the receiving end of Officer Kevin Hankerson’s weapon. Frost pointed his weapon, wrapped in a plastic shopping bag, at the officer and it misfired. Hankerson fired twice, hitting Frost once in the chest. The hapless criminal loaded the wrong ammo, investigators found, when they finally tracked down Frost, dead in a nearby wooded area”

Electric flowers? “How bumblebees find flowers to gather nectar and pollen was largely a mystery – until now. Scientists have found tiny, vibrating hairs may explain how the industrious insects sense and interpret signals transmitted by flowers, leading them to the plants so they can gather pollen. While it was known that flowers communicate with pollinators by sending out electric signals, experts were previously unsure how bees detect the fields. Using a laser to measure vibrations, scientists at the University of Bristol found both the bees’ antenna and the hairs on their bodies ‘dance’ in response to an electric field. Looking at the bees’ nervous system, they discovered it is the hairs that alert the bee’s nervous system to this signal. Dr Gregory Sutton of Bristol’s School of Biological Sciences said: ‘We were excited to discover that bees’ tiny hairs dance in response to electric fields, like when humans hold a balloon to their hair”

Treasure trove of vintage tractors and steam engines collected by two enthusiasts sells for £1.5million: “John Keeley and his wife May amassed the hoard of rusty machines on their farm in Berkshire over a 40-year period. Their bizarre fleet included 50 vintage tractors and 15 steam engines and was so vast they were able to stage their own agricultural show that became a famous event. The couple stored their collection in several barns and even hedgerows. Mr Keeley died in 1999 and the annual Knowl Hill Steam and Country Show ran for five more years before it folded. Mrs Keeley died last year and relatives who inherited their machines decided to sell them at auction. The highlight at the sale was a 1928 Foden D-Type Timber tractor that went under the hammer for £140,000, while a 1929 Sentinel five-tonne steam wagon called ‘Deborah’ went for £80,000 and a 1935 version sold for £75,000. Two steam rollers dating back to the 1930s fetched a combined £127,000 and an 1873 John Fowler ploughing engine was bought for £58,000”

Man mountain benchpresses TV host: “He weighs a lofty 179 kilograms and stands at a whopping 6 feet 9 inches. So it comes as no surprise to see Hafthór ‘Thor’ Björnsson, 27, bench pressing pint-sized Today Extra host David Campbell, 42, with ease during Tuesday morning’s episode. The Game Of Thrones star, dubbed ‘The Mountain’ in series four, picked up a screaming David like a ragdoll before tossing him up in the air with ease. Showing off his giant muscular arms, the Icelandic superstar held the giggling TV presenter like a bell bar. All David could do was yell ‘Oh my God’ as the muscleman raised him upwards before placing him back on the floor gently. Despite his screams of terror, the father-of-three confessed: ‘That’s the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole life.’

Mexican soccer star overpowered his kidnapper, wrestled his gun from him and beat him while calling the police: “A dramatic account of the kidnapping of Alan Pulido has revealed how the Mexican soccer star fought off his captor, then wrestled and beat him while demanding to be told where he was being held. Twenty-four hours after he was kidnapped, the 25-year-old found he was alone with one of his captors and saw his chance. He wrestled the man’s pistol and his cellphone and dialed Mexico’s emergency number. Pulido then threatened and beat his captor while still on the phone, demanding to be told where they were. On the first call, with the kidnapper overpowered, Pulido peered out of a window and described the white two-story house with two cars, grey and red, parked in front. Once police arrived, he made a third call to confirm with the operator that they were trustworthy. Pulido was nabbed by four armed people on a highway while returning from a party at about 11.30 pm Saturday. His girlfriend, who was not taken, alerted others”

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