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Odd news from around the world

Poisonous fish in British waters too: “A man enjoying a bank holiday weekend seaside stroll had to be airlifted to hospital after he was stung by a rare poisonous fish. The 70-year-old man was left fighting for breath after being stung by the by the toxic spines on a weever fish at a Welsh seaside resort. The man was near the pier in Trefor on the Llyn Peninsula, North Wales, on Saturday morning when he spotted the creature – and picked it up in the shallows. The fish stung his hand triggering respiratory problems in the septuagenarian and the alarm was raised by a coastguard team. A spokesman said: ‘Weever fish have spines going along their backs. It’s a small fish but it has a very nasty sting. Weever fish – normally yellow and about four inches long – come into the shallows during warmer weather. Safety chiefs issued a warning to beach-combers over the fish which buries itself in the sand under shallow water”

The world’s dumbest burglars?: “An entertaining video has captured what could be one of the most pathetic attempts at a break-in ever seen. In the longer form of the video, uploaded on YouTube by Bexar County Sheriff’s Office, the young men are seen running around the outside of a house in San Antonio, Texas. One wears a white t-shirt and the other a blue and white top, and both struggle to find an easy access point. Stuck for ideas, the man in the white shirt comes up with the ingenious notion of smashing a window with his uncovered bare elbow. He manages to break through, but in doing so comically cuts his arm on the glass. The men then stagger off, their pear-shaped plan a total shambles”

France creates its own ‘Easter Island’ of 1,000 eerie looking figures deep in the heart of of Brittany: “These eerie looking figures are the first in an extraordinary 50-year project to create a £10 million ‘Easter Island’ of 1,000 statues in a remote valley in France. The intricately carved monoliths – each nearly 15ft tall and made from granite – are slowly taking over a country valley in Brittany. The statues recognise the area’s local Catholic saints and rich Celtic heritage, and the project is inspired by the statues of Egypt’s Valley of the Kings and the Moai of Easter Island. Some 64 of the statues currently stand in the valley with artists from all over the world working on their constructions. Breton philosopher Philippe Abjean founded the site near Morlaix in north west France – where each of the individual statues come with their own legend”

DeLoreans from across the world roll into Belfast to celebrate the iconic Back to the Future car’s 35th anniversary: “Seventy DeLorean cars made famous by the Back To The Future movies have driven through Belfast, the city that built them, ahead of what has been hailed as the largest ever gathering of owners. More of the world-famous stainless steel vehicles, with their distinctive gullwing doors, are expected to arrive in Northern Ireland for the four-day DeLorean Eurofest. At the start of the 1980s, controversial US industrialist John DeLorean brought his car manufacturing plant to Dunmurry in west Belfast with the lure of significant government financial support. Although the factory initially injected some much-needed optimism in Troubles-era Northern Ireland, its stay was short-lived and ultimately ended in failure. Fewer than 9,000 cars had rolled off the production line at the Dunmurry plant”

The $650 robotic suitcase that follows you like a dog and avoids obstacles on its own: “The days of dragging heavy luggage through an airport may be over thanks to a new robotic suitcase that follows its owner like a loyal dog. Called Cowa Robot, the $650 (£450) carry-on suitcase moves on its own at a top speed of nearly 4.5mph and can navigate its way back to a passenger within a distance of 164ft. To activate it, all the user has to do is press a hidden button in the handle and start walking – it will automatically keep up thanks to high-tech sensors in the case and a tracker bracelet worn by the traveller. Designed by a Shanghai-based startup, Cowa Robot was built with the latest in robotics. It follows at a 45-degree radius and can be programmed to follow a specific path, and it has a handle so it can be dragged when the airport is too crowded. The 10lb suitcase has four USB ports and a built-in battery than can charge a passenger’s mobile phone or tablet, and has a special compartment for laptops or other devices”

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