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Odd news from around the world

Sweeteners DO cut calories but they ALSO increase your risk of diabetes, experts warn: “Artificial sweeteners may help cut calories but the sugar replacement could raise the risk of a person being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, experts have warned. The sweet alternatives, noticeably aspartame, causes changes in gut bacteria, which can lead to glucose intolerance. Sweeteners, such as saccharin, aspartame and sucralose, are widespread in western diets. They are often used in diet drinks and other foods, to cut calories or prevent tooth decay. But, a new study suggests they may not benefit a person’s health. Professor Jennifer Kuk, of York University in Toronto, said: ‘Our study shows individuals with obesity who consume artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, may have worse glucose management than those who don’t take sugar substitutes.’ ‘We will need to do future studies to determine whether any potentially negative health effects of artificial sweeteners outweigh the benefits for obesity reduction.'”

Women more likely to be seen as leaders when in a typically male pose: “It is often said this is a man’s world. So perhaps it should be no surprise that the key to appearing confident, knowledgeable and inspirational is to stand like a man. Research shows that women are more likely to be viewed as leadership material when they adopt a typically male posture, with their feet planted shoulder-width apart. Expansive hand gestures add to the ‘power pose’. The University College London study found that small changes to a woman’s stance can have a big effect on how she is perceived, even when what she wears and says stay the same. The researchers said: ‘It seems the way people look when words are spoken influences the way people interpret these words.’

Australian man woke up to find he had $123,456,789.01 in his bank account: “A Melbourne man has told how a Commonwealth banking app ‘glitch’ last year appeared to leave him $123 million richer. Matthew Pearce, 30, said he had opened the app in November of last year to find the balance of his Netbank Saver account had miraculously risen overnight to $123,456,789.01. “It [the app] actually gave me the option to transfer the money and BPAY it, so I could actively transfer money into someone else’s account,” he told He said he contacted Commonwealth Bank to notify them about the overdraft, and claims a banking representative laughed at his account, telling him, ‘Oh, that’s great’.” Mr Pearce claims “nothing was done about” the issue, until about two weeks later, when he received a call from a bank representative claimed it had been a “glitch in the system and it can happen sometimes”.

Python sinks its fangs into man’s penis as he sits on the toilet: “A man in Thailand suffered huge blood loss after a python sank its fangs into his penis while he was sitting on the toilet. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay tried desperately to break free after the huge snake attacked in the bathroom of his home in Chachoengsao, east of the capital Bangkok. The 38-year-old reportedly reached down with his hand after feeling a sharp bite – only to discover the serpent’s jaws clamped around the tip of his penis. Atthaporn screamed out for his wife as he thrashed around trying to dislodge the 11ft python. But he was rushed to hospital after suffering horrific blood loss in the ordeal. The 11ft python was found by emergency crews jammed up in the pipes leading to the victim’s toilet. The reptile was then made safe and placed in a bag ahead of being released back in wild, according to Bangpakong News. According to the Mirror Atthaporn is in a stable condition in hospital.”

Lazy Frogs: “Paris employees enjoy the shortest working week in the world with the average worker clocking in for just over 30 hours a week, a new study has revealed. While Hong Kong workers find themselves chained to their desks for an average of 50 hours a week, Parisians took top spot for the shortest time spent in the office. The study of 15 professions across 71 cities was topped by the French – Paris claimed first place and Lyon took second with a working week of 31 hours and 22 minutes. The annual study by finance giant UBS put London’s average working week at a fraction under 33 hours and 30 minutes a week, the 17th shortest in the world. European cities account for the top 18 positions for working the least hours in the study, while Asian cities dominated the longest-working end of the spectrum. The study also took into account paid annual leave and Bank Holidays”

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