The bad ol’ days

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Odd news from around the world

A security camera caught a spectacular scene involving a beautiful woman who got so mad that she decided to go topless. “The situation began when she entered the store while smoking a cigarette. That’s when the security guard confronted her to tell her that there was no smoking allowed in the store. With the fuming woman challenging him, the security guard decided to carry her out of the store. However, it didn’t take her long to come back. This time, she came armed with a cup of water, which she promptly threw at the security guard. In her final act of violence, the lady decided to take off her white top and throw it at the security guard. The topless woman then finally decided enough was enough.

Vegan sends the wrong message: “A woman who died of altitude sickness while climbing Mount Everest took on the challenge to prove that ‘vegans can do anything’. Maria Strydom died on Saturday afternoon after having to turn back from the final leg of the expedition because she felt unwell. She returned to Camp 4, the last camp before the mountain’s summit, on Friday where she spent the night but died from lack of oxygen the following day. The 34-year-old South African national taught at Monash University in Melbourne and was an experienced climber. Her husband Robert Gropel is injured but, according to trip organisers, ‘100 per cent safe’. Weeks before her death Dr Strydom told how she and her husband wanted to dispel the belief that vegans were ‘weak’ or ‘malnourished’ by taking on the climb”

Heroic cow tries to save girl being killed by her family: “A COW has come to the aid of a young woman being stabbed to death by her father and uncle in India. The young woman was attacked near a shelter for women she had been staying at in Hazira, India. The woman had run away from her family and eloped with a 22-year-old man Sonu, against her parent’s wishes in January, according to police. Sonu had been arrested and sent to jail in January after her father complained, but that was not enough for her family. A video shows her father and uncle viciously attacking her, stabbing her multiple times. It is during this vicious attack that a cow nearby attacks the two men, it what appear to be a heroic move by the cow. The video shows the cow jumping on top of the uncle and father and pushing them away from the young woman. The duo run away after the cow attacks them, but the young girl did not survive the attack”

Security Guard Confiscates Man’s Tie Clasp for the DUMBEST Reason: “In the latest incident of anti-gun manic disorder to erupt in America, a security guard refused a man attempting to attend a court board meeting in Tucson, Ariz. and forced him to remove a machine gun-shaped tie clasp from his necktie for the duration of the meeting. The incident happened on Tuesday at the threshold of a meeting of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, reports the Arizona Daily Independent. The very small, metal, pewter tie clasp Spear chose to wear on Tuesday night is shaped like a 1921 Thompson submachine gun. It is a little over two inches long. “If the tie clasp could hold bullets, they would have to be .0045 caliber,” Spear told Tucson talk radio host James T. Harris on Thursday”

Spider freaks weatherman: “West Virginia weatherman Bryan Hughes was left screaming in terror after an eight-legged beast crawled across the camera lens during a live broadcast Thursday. Hughes’s hilarious reaction to the (admittedly pretty horrible) sight has left thousands on the web laughing and wincing in equal amounts, The Blaze said. Hughes is happily bantering with his colleagues at WOWK when the map behind him switches to the ‘Weather Eye’ camera showing a foggy cityscape – and the huge silhouette of a spider on the lens. The poor guy, who’s stood in front of a green screen and still chatting away, has no idea what he’s in for, until colleagues excitedly tell him to take a look. He then glances down at the monitor showing him what the viewers are seeing and the effect is instantaneous. ‘Jeeze Louise,’ cries Hughes, as he instinctively backs away from the monitor and disappears off camera. He returns a couple of seconds later, laughing – along with everyone else in the studio”

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