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A world health organisation (WHO based in Geneva, Switzerland) study shows that eating ham and salami while drinking at each meal a glass of good wine …reduces the risk of becoming an Islamic Terrorist by at least 100%




Odd news from around the world

Chinese newlyweds spend wedding night transcribing Communist constitution: “MOST wedding nights involve dancing, romance and cake — but not for this Chinese couple, who chose to spend theirs transcribing the Communist constitution. Li Yunpeng and his new wife, Chen Xuanchi, spent their first night as a married couple writing out the 11 chapter, 17,000 word document in a show of support for the country’s communist regime. The couple said they backed President Xi Jinping’s administration and his campaign to highlight the party’s political and social rules. The happy couple — who work as civil servants for the Nanchang Railway Bureau — said they were creating “beautiful memories” by undertaking the mammoth transcription on their wedding night, The Guardian reports. It was part of a campaign where Chinese nationals were urged to copy out the Communist party’s constitution for 100 days”

Woman bitten by snake after husband stung by box jellyfish during ‘unlucky’ holiday in Australia’s wild North: “A woman holidaying in northern Australia was bitten by a snake just hours after her husband was stung by a poisonous jellyfish during an “unlucky” outback family camping trip. The first of the encounters with the local wildlife occurred while the father was walking along the shoreline in a remote coastal parkland in the Northern Territory. He was stung by a box jellyfish, a potentially lethal creature which is common in the area but typically poses less of a threat during the current drier months. The man was seen by a park ranger but reportedly recovered after being treated with vinegar. Hours later, his wife, aged 32, was walking near the family’s campsite at about 8pm when she was bitten by a small yellow snake. The woman was treated in hospital for 24 hours and released”

Aussie teen grows world’s biggest cucumber: “A South Australian teenager has grown the world’s biggest cucumber – and it wasn’t much shorter than him. Keegan Meyers’ 1.3 metre gourd, which was overripe and had to be fed to the family chooks, weighed five kilograms and beat the previous record by about 10cm. “We planted the seeds in January and one of the cucumbers was particularly large. It was past eating so we let it grow,” the 13-year-old told AAP on Thursday. “It was a three-person job to get it off the vine and out of the glasshouse.” The record was verified by the Australian Giant Pumpkin and Vegetable Society earlier this month. “It was starting to go a little rotten so we fed it to our chickens,” he said”

Chinese calligraphy letter sells for world record price: “A 936-year-old calligraphy letter comprising of 124 characters has just fetched a record 207 million yuan ($43m) at auction. The only surviving piece of work by the great Chinese scholar Zeng Gong, the letter was written during the Song Dynasty (960-1270AD). Entitled Ju Shi Tie, it details his 12-year banishment from Beijing and the feelings of depression and isolation he experienced. Aged 62 at the time, Gong included his signature — which increased its value. The work was snapped up by art collector and movie mogul Wang Zhongjun, chairman of Huayi Brothers Media, which is one of China’s largest entertainment companies, at the China Garden auction house in Beijing. The work was previously sold at Poly’s Autumn Auction in Hong Kong in 2009 for 108m yuan ($22,639,391). It was first sold 20 years ago at Sotheby’s in New York for $943,353, a relative bargain”

A rare pear-shaped vivid pink diamond fetched 30.8 million Swiss francs ($42.8 million) at auction on Tuesday: “The “Unique Pink”, weighing 15.38 carats and mounted on a ring, sold to an Asian private collector bidding by telephone, the auction house said. It was the star lot at the saleroom’s semi-annual auction in Geneva, with a pre-sale estimate of $38 million-$51 million. “The Unique Pink set a new world record for a fancy vivid pink diamond … It’s the highest price ever paid for a fancy vivid pink diamond,” David Bennett, worldwide chairman of Sotheby’s international jewellery division, told reporters.

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